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Banfield Pet Hospital / not an honest place and bad health car for animals, they are liars and thieves over priced and incompotent

1 1550 Butterfield roaddowners Grove lombard, IN, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 630-678-1195

Susan burnham one of the vets and director I believe is a rude... You know she and the other doctor who is a floater are incompotent, they suggest unneeded surgeries to bring in money to their clinic because the clinic is falling I had 2 second opinions and neither of them suggested surgeries in fact was against it but these were well established vets that dont just do surgery fir the hell of it to bring money in they only do if necessary I am so glad I follwed friends and family to get a second and then third opinion both places very nice, professional and informative.. For weeks they didnt even have a doctor on staff for several days. They become angry when you dont purchase medicine from them, it took this crazy vet a week to fax over my dogs heart worm medicine, when I called her to ask her to refax it to 1800pet... She started screaming like she had a mental health problem then hung up in my face. This place is just a complete rip off the doctors/vets are not experienced people actually act crazy even the nurses and the people that answer the phone act like idiots but they say poor management trinkles down, now they are saying I owe them money and I donot I want to end the contract it just started again feb3rd I will try and cancel today again I put in a complaint to corporate on february 8th they said someone would be back in contact in one week I havent heard from them and its been a month later. Please donot take your animals to this place, there are some really good vets out here and their prices cheaper than banfield, bafiels is a complete rip off

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  • Sb
      11th of Apr, 2012
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    I have found with Banfield that it really depends on which vet you get. We have had some good and some not so good. Last night was the icing on the cake and we will not go back "after" they finish what they started. A simple "distemper" shot for one of our cats has simply turned into a nightmare. Both cats were taken in for scheduled yearly vaccines and check ups. One cat received all of her shots, the other all but the distemper because they "ran" out. No vaccine..need to bring him back they said. So we did...last night. Now mind you this a big cat, he is over 28 in long and he weighs 25 lbs. This was the first visit with this vet and he marked him overweight and I have the other vets remarks that he is heavy but also very long and ...the biggest cat she has ever seen. And marked him as "normal" weight, excellant cond. The problem we have with him is that he HATES a carrier and the vets and he ...poops. A LOT... and it goes all over the carrier, all over him etc etc. We ALWAYS WARN them BEFORE all appts to please note that we will need extra cleaning, gloves, spray whatever. The last appt one of the techs stayed with us the entire time and helped us clean him, the carrier, sprayed Febreeze and laughed about it and made it so much easier for all of us as this is quite embarrassing. But last night all the new vet wanted to talk about was getting his teeth cleaned for $400 and you must take out our insurance in order to keep your costs down. "Uh ...hello Doc, we did not come in for an exam we already did that, we are here for the shot that you didn't have when we came in then." Meanwhile the cat keeps pooping and my husband was given 1 YES "1" paper towel. I asked the vet if we could talk about this later and to please get the shot so we could get out of there. And he continued to show us the damn insurance...THEN he tells us that we will have to come back...that they have "half a dose for him" and will need to come back in about three wks. WTF? So...we go to check out and get charged $70. I said "the shot is $21" and should be half as that is all we got and the exam we already paid for the last appt but had to come back. The vet said he would call and find out if that was ok and the ruling was " next appt you can have for free". That means we are still paying twice for the same appt. They are considering the 2nd round of his shot the next appt. Which will be the last appt. I have had cats all my life and have never had this much trouble in just trying to get the shots. This Vet clearly was told to PUSH the insurance or maybe up for salesman of the month...who knows. Need to start looking for a new vet ASAP

  • Ba
      17th of Apr, 2012
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    S Beckley- Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention. We apologize that your visit to one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way, we are currently unaware of this situation and would like the opportunity to speak with you directly so we can gather more information. Please call our Client Advocate Team at 877-500-2288, thanks you.

  • M3
      17th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hopefully elfkin will step in and make antiseo disappear.

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