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Banfield / they killed my puppy

1 MD, United States Review updated:

Please read about Banfield before you take your pet to them. I am not the only individual with a horrible story. I can relate to so much that has been posted on them. They are a scam and are all about making money. With that said, I wish I was writing about how they ripped me off (which they did on several occasions). However, I am writing to tell my story about Charlie (a beautiful, strong Weimaraner puppy)
I took Charlie in on March 17th with all of the papers that the breeder gave me. One of the documents was specifically on "Immunodeficiency Syndrome". It basically, stated that this breed (among others) can have this syndrome and that there is no way of knowing which puppy does. So it basically talks about the risk of over vaccinating this type of dog. I showed it to them, the vet read it and did not say much more than "ok". It specifically stated which vaccines that are not 'recommended". To make this story a little shorter, they went ahead and vaccinated Charlie they way that THEY wanted (they said after Charlie died that it is THEIR protocol) Charlie received about four shots that they and three weeks later they had me back in there for boosters. Two days after his boosters Charlie had a severe reaction that left him, death, blind and neurologically damaged (to the point that he could not even walk) mind you that he was transfered to Annapolis Emergency Vet Hospital earlier that day because when I took him to Banfield that morning that he had a reaction, they couldn't do anything with him. He was bleeding from the nose, had a temperature of 106 and his eyes were shut close because his whole face was so swollen. Later that day they called me to tell me that I had to put him down.
Bandfield incorrectly filled out his forms that day. Wrote that his overall condition was "EXCELLENT", his vision NORMAL. When I brought this up to them they said that they were rushed filling out his report because of his condition. That because of his condition, the report was not the priority. Now, this is what they faxed to the emergency room. You don't fax something like that if it is not "correct" They have an excuse for everything. By the way if it was such an emergency then whay did the fax take over an hour to be sent to the emergency room? Their excuse, "we were having technical problems with the fax". What about the vet's response to my breeder when my breeder asked about Charlie's white blood cell count? He says, "normal". Paper work? 129. Range 17-60. What they said, "sorry" we should have looked at the blood work result instead of just answering. This is the vet saying this...
Anyway, today is 5/18. Charlie passed away 0n 4/25. I am still fighting with them. I have asked them to pay for my emergency bill and the bill of that day with them (which by the way the initial bill started at $900.00 and all of the sudden you question the bill and it was brought to 466.00. I questioned things like restraining Charlie for an x-ray (they wante dto charge me 44.00 just for that. I was like he is not even moving, that is when they started reducing and taking things of the initial bill. They have always done this. What does this say about them? If this is what the dog needs, then why do they change the treatment and bill when you question it? They are a scam.
Anyway, I have gone to them on several occasions. I am fighting this. They said that this is a rear condition. I don't disagree, however, you are the vet and when I brought them that document on that initial visit, you did nothing. And I don't care if it only happens to 4 in 1 1000. Charlie was one of them. They should have taken a different route to vaccinating him if the risk is there. I have done so much research and have found plenty of documments by other vets, that apperantly is there. They never gave me a choice. They never said, we really don't feel like is enough of a risk to take a different action. Therefore, you can trust us or go some where else. Or lets look into this and see what is the safest route. If you really investigate all the vaccines that they give in that damn place, you will find that some are not even recommended or realy even needed. It is there way of making money, for you to come back for boosters. They buy the shots for $3 a pop and charge you $50+ a pop.
They make me sick to the stomach. Where we are standing right now, is that they offered to pay for my medical bill at the emergency room, void the treatment that Charlie got there that day, void his well ness plan as well as my other dog's plan ( I asked for it too, since I told them that I no longer trust them).
For who ever disagrees with me... think about this...
why would they want to settle and pay for something if they were not wrong? I told them that it was mal practice, neglegience, from their part. I asked for them to also pay $1, 200.00 (that is what i payed for Charlie) they refuse. Tomorrow I am meeting with a lawyer at 9:00 a.m. and will be advice if I should take their offer or if I should fight this (to pay for everything that I have asked for). I told them after talking to them today and hearing what they had to offer that I would contact them after I speak with the lawyer. This is not about the money (money is needed, I invested a lot of money on this dog) With the wellness plan, their bills, and the emergency bill and what I payed for him it all adds up to $3, 000.
Buy them paying me back, is them taking responsibility for what they did. They can't give me Charlie back. I will log on again soon and will let you know the final result. I have been fighting this for over three weeks and have not stopped. They are rude, don't return calls. You have to physically show up at their door step for them to take you seriously. They realized that I was not messing around... and finally now they want to settle. Their reputation is horrible. Read around and you will see how everyone's story is somewhat alike. They are awful and should be written up. I will file a complaint with their license department. I hate them and I do also agree that their staff is rude and don't know what they are doing.
They don't care about the client. They act like they care for your pet, but they care more about how much money they can make from you. If they cared at all about Charlie, then they would have been more careful with all the vaccines... If you have something negative or feel that you have to write a comment on what I wrote to defend them. do your self a favor... read about Immunideficiency syndrome in Weimaraners first, and then tell me if there is not enough articles written out there for them to have been more cautios...
I hope this will save atleast one dog.

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  • Cz
      6th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Hello ###,

    Please go to the site linked below and read about the Immunodeficiency Virus.

    First, it is rare.

    Second, it can ONLY be confirmed by necropsy (ie. post-mortem). Thus, the only way to avoid this is to NOT vaccinate the pet at all. Human vaccinations carry a small risk of transmitting the disease to the patient. Do you not vaccinate your children because of this? I hope not, because if you don't you are an even bigger idiot than your above complaint suggests. There is NO way the vet, you, your breeder, or anyone could have known beforehand that this would be an issue, if indeed it really even was the issue.

    Third, the Immunodeficiency Virus is revealed via the presence of infectious disease (eg. Parvo). So your pet may very well have been very ill before the vaccinations were given.

    Finally, you yourself state, " Therefore, you can trust us or go some where else." Well damn lady, if you didn't trust them and you yourself had this "magical knowledge" that the vaccines where going to kill your dog, why the hell did you agree to the vaccinations? YOU had to agree to have the vaccines administered, so stop passing the buck. Had any other vet, breeder, or even you administered the vaccines, the same reaction would have occured.

    It sounds like your pet had an allergic reaction to the vaccinations and this exacerbated the pre-existing imunnodeficiency syndrome. There was no way to have known this beforehand, by anyone. The website above also shows that this syndrome is rare and NOT BREED SPECIFIC!! What you experienced was a sick puppy who unfortunately had this syndrome and died due to the syndrome. The only way you would have avoided it would have been to not vaccinate the puppy at all.

    As for your choice of pet: why did you choose a breeder?? First off, that "Immunodeficiency Syndrome" document that you received from your breeder is a very common "save my ###" document used by breeders to cover themselves when the puppy you bought drops dead of parvo or whatever else. And why in the world were you seeking medical advice from a damn breeder and trusting it over a DVM?? I have seen time and again all these know it all breeders who somehow have more medical knowledge then the Doctors who went to Vet school. That is simply ridiculous. Unless the breeder has a DVM after their name, their medical "knowledge" is worth precisely zero. If your child had a fever and you didn't like the doctors advice would your next step be to bring the child to a psychic or faith healer? No!! You would go to a different doctor and get a second opinion.

    Lastly, if this breeder "knows it all" why in gods name are they breeding aniimals? For every animal bred and sold, an opportunity for a new home for an already alive and homeless pet is lost. "But I want my purebred!!" you say? That is a crappy attitude first off. Secondly, there are purebreds at many of the Humane Societies across the US and Canada. Domesticated dogs and cats are far from endangered. When they become rare like the rhinoceros and tiger we can discuss breeding them, but for now, too many die homeless and alone.

    If I sound angry it is because I am. You transplant your ignorance and anger onto a company whose job it is to offer the best treatment available to family pets and other animals. At no time oes banfield twist anyone's arm to purchase everything they recommend for treatment. They make note of what they see and offer what is best for the pet IN ALL ASPECTS OF IT'S HEALTH. So, if your pet comes in for a thorn in it's foot but they also notice his/her teeth are suffering from severe periodontal disease, they will recommend a treatment plan for both the thorn and the dental problem! Why people don't get ths is beyond me. If they DIDN'T offer this then you would be ### about how "no one at Banfield told me that my dog had a dental issue". Once given an estimate it is up to YOU, the owner, to decide what course of action to take (eg. take out the thorn but go ahead and let my dog's teeth rot out of it's head). In your case, the only way you would have been satisfied would have been to not have your puppy vaccinated at all, because no matter who gave the vaccinations, the same reaction would have occured. Still then you would have been complaining because "my dog can't have vaccinations because" of someone else's fault.

    Take some damn responsibilty for your own actions before pointing to everyone else on the horizon.

  • Ba
      10th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree with you! Vets are premitted to do anything they want and most people don't even think twice to ask questions. I am sorry for your lose. The person that left the RUDE message must be a vet. I have heard enough complaints about this company, please go to the state with this, because as a dog lover, I want my pet to go to a good vet. I know I will never bring my pet to Banfield. Thank you from all of us who care.

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