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Banfield / my dog died

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I was an owner of a black chihuahua, I took him to Banfield to get checked On October 9, 2008. He wasn't eating, but he was vomiting.

So when I took him for his check-up, I was told by the reseptionist that the veterinarian and the staff were going to lunch break. A few minutes after being told this, the Vet called and asked what was the problem. The receptionist told the Vet, my dog wasn't eating and was vomiting. She excepted him, and he got checked.

During the visit, the Vet was very nice and pleasant. She told me that my dog had a heart murmer. On a grade from 1-10, this murmer was about a 5. So she gave my dog, 2 shots. On was to stop the vomit, and the other one was for a coating for his stomach.

They wanted to run an ECG test and blood work. The whole procedure was going to cost about a good $580. This hospital ran my credit check, and I wasn't approved for their credit plan. So they just placed my dog on a diet of a special dog food, and told me to get Pepcid AC for his stomach.

So Banfield staff, made an appointment for my dog for October 16, 2008. I asked if there was a sooner appointment, but unfortunately was given a date a week later.

When I got home, my dog still didn't want to eat, and had still vomited. I had to force him to eat, he seemed so weak. I gave him the medication as prescibed by the Vet, in the morning and at night, a 12 hour gap.

I called Banfield, to let them know that my dog wasn't eating still. I told them that I bought a syrup for dogs that are not eating, which has vitamins and minerals to help them. The receptionist told me " That's fine, you can give him that".

On October 15, 2008... I got a call in class from my mom...MY DOG DIED.

I find this so weird, the day before his appointment he past away.

I would never bring any of my animals to Banfield again, because of this. I will let everyone know what had happen to me and my experience at Banfield.

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  • Er
      30th of Mar, 2009

    That's awful! I feel so terribly for you and your poor pet! I work at a Banfield in Florida; did you know that we're all supposed to take walk-ins and drop-offs at ANY TIME? The fact that they wouldn't see you, especially for an emergency like that, is B.S., and you can report them for it. Also, the CSCs (receptionists) are not supposed to dispense any kind of medical advice. They should have gotten a doctor to help you!

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  • Vi
      9th of Sep, 2009

    The really surprising thing here is that you didn't do the tests that the vet recommended. If you had then the pet now be alive.

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  • Ra
      21st of Nov, 2009

    I agree with Virginia Hill. You should have done the tests that they recommended. Also, for you to walk in in the middle of the afternoon, during lunch, i know at my banfield if you want to walk in, there are specific times, mon, tues, thurs, fri 9 am or 4 pm, wednes 9 am or 5 pm, sat 9am or 3pm, and sun 10am or 3pm. if you come in in the afternoon, during lunch time for the drs, there will be an emergency fee charge. you can't blame the receptionist for saying that. and for the vet to ask what was going on, that was nice of that person, but the receptionist is just doing their job.

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  • Ph
      26th of Jan, 2010

    Unfortunately, the vet is very limited in what they can do if the owner has no money. This has nothing to do with Banfield.

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  • Le
      20th of Mar, 2010

    Dogs die, randomly, sometimes with no reason known. With out bloodwork, there's no way to tell what was wrong with your pet. If you go to the doctor and decline bloodwork, and then die, what do you think they would say?

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  • Lo
      8th of Jan, 2011

    I got insurance for my 2 dogs after our first was torn apart by pitbulls in front of my kids. It serves 2 purposes, keeping our dogs healthy, and providing a paper trail for civil action in the event of tragedy.

    I have learned from over 20 years of training and owning pets, that where you get your pet is as vital as how well you treat your pet. If a kennel does not properly care for animals, or is a puppy mill for $$, you can do nothing about buying an ill puppy.
    Puppies need to be 6 to 8 weeks old when purchased, have recieved the first immunization, and taken to a veternarian for full screening with in 48 hrs. Most kennels buy supplies in large quantities in order to save money. So when you take your pet to be checked out, be sure to take a copy of your bill of sale, registration paperwork, and labels from the immunizations provided. This will help with your initial check up at the vet for your puppy. It provides a list the vet will have at his/her disposal to research how well the puppy has been taken care of before you arrived.

    Pets are very quickly accepted as a member of our family. I would not want nothing but the best for my children, I try to accomplish the same for my pets.

    I am sorry for your loss, hopefully you will have the oppurtunity to research your options for your next pet to become a member of your family,

    God Bless

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