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We book flight with and receive a "bookingsuccess" note. They call us and request written credit card authorization for which they will send their document. They never send and we call 6 times and give various emails and fax numbers. We write an email to them denying them authorization of our card as we are taking our business elsewhere. They charge our card and we find out 3 days later. Their representative who handles complaints honors or email denial and says he will get us a refund. 30 days later we have no refund and he keeps lieing to me saying he will call me back. We have notified US Air, contacted various travel organizations they belong to (based on logos on their website) and our credit card that we consider this fraud. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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      Aug 16, 2019

    Only gave 1 star because 0 isn't an option. I have never written a review in my life but this agency is so abominable that I feel a need to warn everyone to STAY FAR AWAY. To start off, when you call this agency they will answer by saying "Hello?" as if they couldn't care less if you called, very uninterested. Next, when you start to ask if they can help you the receptionist will cut you off and rudely tell you to stay on the line while she transfers you to an agent. After waiting for at least 15 minutes on the phone, an even more uninterested agent will answer. After telling her your destination she'll proceed to look up the first flight she can find to get over with it. Then, she'll ask for your name but be careful because she WILL NOT double check if it is correct or not. So then in order to reserve your flight, she asks for your credit card number over the phone but since they are sooo concerned for the safety of your information, you need to fill out a form with your credit card number and the correct names for your plane ticket, or else there is a $50 fee to change any names. But the gag is, this company will charge your card without even looking at the form to see if you signed the authorization and guess what? Every name on the ticket is wrong because they absolutely do not care to make the customer happy. So after a week of not receiving a confirmation email for your purchase, you have to call them again, deal with the insolent receptionist, wait 30 minutes for your agent to answer, listen to her lie about having already sent you the confirmation before sending it again for you to then see that she completely messed up your ticket, so you have to call again to tell her it's wrong, and then listen to her LITERALLY TISK AT YOU AND LECTURE YOU ABOUT HOW YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE SURE THE NAMES WERE RIGHT BEFORE SHE SUBMITTED THE INFORMATION, EVEN THOUGH THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID. So the agent will say it was all your fault, and that they didn't even get the form and this and that and every excuse to cover up their mistakes, then try to charge you $50 because they didn't look to see if they wrote the names right. Then, if you try to call a supervisor or manager, the receptionist will make sure it goes to voicemail and you will NEVER receive any help from the supervisor so you're completely screwed over by them. If the agent says she's going to call you back, she won't. If you have another issue during your trip and try to call, they will hang up on you. There is no quality here at all. DO NOT RISK YOUR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY, THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS AND THEY WILL TRY TO CHARGE YOU FOR THEIR OWN MISTAKES. If after all this you still want to try the company, make sure that if you get the agent SUSAN CLAYRE, immediately hang up or ask for someone else because SUSAN CLAYRE has to be the most incompetent, unskilled, absolutely inferior employee I've ever had the displeasure of working with. If the rest of the employees at BACC Travel are even half as bad as Susan, the whole place should just get shut down due to incapability.

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