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I have invested a large sum of money trough the broker company AXIS CAPITAL GROUP based in Indonesia.

My experience

I believe they have a fixed model to get more and more money out of people by starting small and then later put pleasure on people to increase their investments - like !

If not, you have lost what you already invested.
The buyer will only deal with shareholders having a min. no. of shares so you need to invest more.

Once they have got as much out of you as they can, they are impossible to get hold of, phone no. is dead ore are not answered
mails are not answered so contacts just dies.

Anyone who want to share their experience, i am ready to share all of mine.

I can accept loosing money if companies share values drops etc. but this sure looks like direct planed fraud.

I would also like to hear from people who has good experience, but guess this is not the right forum.

Aug 21, 2015

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  • Da
      Aug 21, 2015

    As with the above, my experience has been that I invested a lot of money with this company and when I tried to get money back out of the company, a sum suggested by them, suddenly the phones went dead and there was no-one to contact. This company and it's employees are engaged in scamming on a large scale. The main players with Axis Capital are Charles Mason, a Canadian, Jonathan Phelps from UK and Louise Clarke also from UK. Until these guys return my money quickly, I suggest you steer clear of them. Their phone number is +622129888427.
    The names may or may not be genuine.

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  • Al
      Sep 14, 2018

    @David McSeveney I have lost a lot as well, all promises and nothing.
    Time has passed and I have had follow up contact from different companies wanting to give money for these shares.

    Both time they ask for money up front...

    When you say thats not going to happen, take that money out the money you are going to give me.

    Quickly they disappear


    To be honest I struggle to understand the sense of decency stealing from people...

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  • Gs
      Oct 05, 2015

    Hi David, looks like you can add me to this ever growing list of people who have been swindled. I've had contact with all of the Axis people listed above plus another three (David Webb, George West and Jonathan Pearson). Not sure if they are "real" people or all the same person cos their accents all sound very similar!! I am very interested in getting back my "investment" and would be willing to join up with anyone else who is interested in doing so or has already started the process. My e-mail address is gary.dixon.[protected]

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  • Sa
      Oct 13, 2015

    Dear David Dear Gary,

    I'm in the same situation as you are, is there anything that we can do to get our money back.
    I also have this phone
    + 62 ‚Äč2129888392, unfortunately is not in function any more.
    I'm here to share my experience and lets do something to change this situation.
    Stay in touch, I already sent a mail to Gary.

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  • Bp
      Oct 17, 2015

    After the phone going dead to AxisCapitalGroup on 31July, I received this email from them.
    "At Axis Capital Group we strive to provide the best service we can.
    We have been experiencing some technical issues with our main phone line and have changed to a different provider.
    Please note our new telephone number +6221 2988 8302
    Yours sincerely
    Louise Clarke"
    The previous phone number for me was +6221 2988 8427 for all transactions from February to July 2015.
    This letter was dated September 02 2015, some two months gap. I did not attempt phone contact as I knew it would be a waste of time. I however sent two emails, one to Charles Mason email address and one through the ACG portal, but as expected no reply was received. I am keen to assist in any way possible to right this situation.
    Please ensure you have up to date antivirus and malware protection as I suspect these scammers are planting Trojans and the like to intercept emails. If any persons have sent emails and not received replies we should indicate here and then look for alternative communication. We know that these guys have the money for the best dark technology to maintain their status quo.
    If you are reading this and have sent emails without reply emails please indicate on this portal.

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  • Bp
      Oct 18, 2015

    Axis Capital Group, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Complaint 330302 Details

    A comment found on SCAMBOOK.COM RELATING TO AXISCAPITALGROUP- THESE SCAMMERS WILL LIKELY RE-MORPH INTO ANOTHER COMPANY AS APPARENTLY THEY DID FROM WESTHILL CONTRACTING- this person unlike me and others on this page were lucky not to get caught out. Unfortunately I had not seen this comment until it was too late.

    Date Occurred: 09/22/2014
    Reported Damages: $0.00
    Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
    I have not invested anything in this company, but the way they contacted me, went the exact same way as Westhill Consulting.
    First I was called by some Philippine ladies. Then some brochure came, and somewhat later, I was called by some very persistent British sounding guys.
    In the Westhill case, they kept pushing to buy ECAP shares, of which they said they had some inside information about a take-over which had not been announced yet. If that had been true, it would have been illegal.
    Axis Capital Group from Jakarta, Indonesia, followed the same pattern: again Philippine ladies, possibly the same ones, making the exact same remarks and compliments during the phone call: that already makes me believe they follow the same script.
    Again a little later a brochure, and then phone calls by British sounding guys.
    I don't know if anyone has experience with them yet, but since the pattern is exactly the same as with Westhill Consulting, please be very careful.$0.00

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  • Al
      Apr 12, 2018

    I have been scammed by these lowlifes. In my case I have lost 1 year of my working life. Interestingly I sometimes later received an email purporting to buy these “Triton shares “ I went through the process and of course nothing. Now April 2018 ( 18 months after the first USA offer) again an email this time out of Japan wanting to know if I want to sell.
    I believe it’s again a sucker email.

    I returned emailed asking all their company details, where registered etc.

    Interesting to note even on their website there are no phone numbers.

    I do not expect any further contact

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  • To
      Sep 13, 2018

    I am more than happy to join in and track these people down. As like most of you I have lost money with the so calledTriton Ore investment. I like most of you have all the paperwork they sent. We should not except this.
    If anyone has a game plan as I say I am in

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  • Li
      Mar 20, 2019

    @Tom Fulton Hello! I am in as well!

    I have found this:

    But I am not sure this is true.

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  • Ar
      Jun 13, 2019

    It looks like the same group are going after Axis Capital victims by claiming to be able to trade or "recover" funds. They go by the company name of:
    Asset Recovery Group, Inc
    They are "based" in Dublin and are an obvious front company for this scam. So far the names that have been used are Craig Kelly (broker) and Eilene Brown (Accounts Supervisor). Obviously these names are fake.
    Apparently they are authorised by European Financial Services Conduct Authority, which doesn't actually exist, at least not under that name.
    Their hoax website is

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  • Ma
      Jun 17, 2019

    It seems another group called Bureau of Financial Fraud Investigator (bffi) is chasing Axis Capital victims claiming they can recover money. Their website is

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