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I was billed twice for an avast internet security product both within a few months of each other, and I also do not have it activated or downloaded on my computer.

I was billed $49.99 on 29 september 2016 via digital river ireland, ltd via paypal for (as shown on paypal activity statement) dri*avast software transaction id33e915868y5152933, invoice id35150114400.
My current avast security was deleted or disabled before that time by an it technician due to a virus fix, and I was trying to enable it again, but avast had charged me for the same product that was paid for before.

Second incident, I was charged my annual charge for the same product on 17 november 2016 of $69.99 via digital river ireland, ltd via paypal for (As shown on paypal statement) dri*avast software - transaction id6mj15811h5537745y, invoice id: [protected].

I already have avg security (Product of avast) which is currently active, whereby avast product is not active on my computer. I have copies of both these transactions on paypal activity statements, but cannot scan them into my computer's hardrive, but am able to fax them to you if needed. Your help would be much appreciated, as I cannot get in touch with avast to obtain a refund and discuss this matter. Have tried on their website - contact for complaints is not easy to find. Thank you.

Dec 06, 2016

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