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Automobile Acceptance Corporation is the WORST lender to ever deal with for a loan. The customer service is horrible, they talk to you like your dirt. If you have a payment due on the 15th, on the 16th they call you, and everyone on your credit application. Then when you talk to them it is usually an angry black woman who makes you feel like you owe her the money. They yell at you and reprimand you like you are a child, totally unacceptable. I have never in my life seen a company like this. If you are making a decision on a loan, I would not suggest using Automobile Acceptance Corporation because they will stress you out in a big way.

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      Nov 03, 2012

    Next time you get on the phone immediately tell them you are recording the call for documentation and legal purposes. Oh you have never seen the angry black woman straighten up. And actually record. There are legal implications of them talking smack and you having the raw evidence - they are committing federal offenses. Anyway. you need to become an informed consumer, so here's the deal,
    CA push you around if they sniff you don't know your rights. So before you engage them to make any arrangement Google these and become an informed consumer.
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
    4-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick

    Now you are ready to engage.
    -Never ever accept/agree/acknowledge you owe/own a debt. First request/demand a VOD. Use CMRRR (you can call but not recommended. Be sure to record the call)
    -Per federal law a VOD must be the original document with your signature on it, not a CA letterhead stating some amounts owed.
    -If your state's SOL is expired on the debt it is noncollectable, you have no more obligation. They can only plead with you to repay. If contacted but you are not interested write a C&D by CMRRR, state SOL is expired and you do not want to be contacted over this debt in any way. You will consider failure to observe that instruction as harassment and you shall seek legal redress against the harassers. CC your state AG, your attorney, FTC, CFPB, etc. all of them.
    -If SOL is not expired, debt is verified then negotiate a settlement (aim for less than a third of what's owed, the longer the debt has been outstanding the better for you)
    -Next obtain a settlement offer letter (it MUST state "PAYMENT OF $xxxx WILL SETTLE THE DEBT IN FULL). DO NOT submit a payment without it PERIOD! If it's not written it didn't happen!
    -If they tell you are you refusing to pay? Say a big fat "YES! No settlement offer letter, no payment, click!"
    -Send payment via CMRRR (or signature required), check or Money Order only, no electronic access to your bank account (They will clean you out.)
    -Upon completion of the debt payment (per settlement offer letter) obtain a letter stating the debt is settled in full.
    -If you get the run around don't worry much hang on to the Settlement Offer Letter, attach it with all your payments proof and keep all those documents for life. They resell your paid off debt and then it's the same collections story all over again from another scammer collector.
    -If they call you too much or call family & friends or work C&D them via CMRRR. State that you do not want to be called at home, cell phone, at work or through family & friends and that you allow communication about this debt once a month, etc., by mail or phone (you choose). And that if these instructions are violated you will seek legal redress against them.
    -If you talk to a CA ALWAYS write down immediately, who called, where from, said what, why, when, what, i.e. everything. This is acceptable evidence in court.
    -If they violate your rights, state or Federal law, sue them. Each violation is worth $1000 to you if you can prove it. Many attorneys will take up your case for free if you have meticulous proof of the violations because the CA will pay their fees. You can also sue pro se - believe it, it's not complicated at all. Just post for guidance at
    -Lastly I recommend all comm. with CA be in CMRRR form, ALL. If you must talk on the phone record ALL the calls. You may or not tell them you are recording. (They behave if they know you are). Instead use CMRRR it leaves a paper trail evidence against them that can turn into kaching! for you.

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