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Bought front and rear vent shades for a 2017 Ford F-350. Installed all 4 vent shades per the instructions. After waiting several days before opening the windows the Windows would not stay closed when you put them up. Because the vent shade was the kind that fits in the window channel they wouldn't work. When I contacted the seller to return them since they would not work and they were wrecking my brand new trucks window moldings. They sent me a return slip but when provided my return they only provided 50% refund. Stating they have a 50% restocking fee. They should not be allowed to try to sell the vent shades I returned or get a refund from the company for the crappy setup and not provide a full refund to the customer. This company has terrible customer service. Charging 50% if we no longer wanted them is one thing but if they won't work as instructed is totally a rip-off.

Nov 21, 2017

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