Auto List Of CanadaPurchase of a vehicle - winnipeg

these dealers are by far the absolute uncaring, crooked, greedy, etc. can't say enough, but too remember the bank that deals with them is as much responsible. No one is Interested in what you earn only that you sign on the dotted line. Read, read, read everything. My brother is paying $50, 000 for a $20, 000 vehicle.

When I phoned the bank they said credit check is done by auto list and they had no interest to go further. Brother earns only $25, 000 a year has to make $600.00 payments, insurance, phone, rent, gas, food. How absolutely stupid to think he can do thus. They take advantage of these that are desperate to buy a car and not able to understanding the consequences. The bank is Scotia bank and they too are responsible.

Apr 27, 2016

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