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Auto Excellence / BUYERS BEWARE!!!

1 South Africa

We purchased a 2007 Land Rover with 106, 000 km from Auto Excellence in Centurion on 12 April 2013 for R 285, 000 CASH. Prior to the purchase, we asked that the vehicle would go to the local Land Rover dealer for a 126 point inspection. An inspection that takes approx 3 hours and costs approx R 3000, which Auto Excellence agreed to pay. The agreement was that if something negative came back on the inspection, Auto Excellence would agree to fix or we could walk away from the sale. Supposedly the inspection was done and came back clear of any major problems. Auto Excellence also had a 30 Day Warranty that covered items such as worn out Bushings & Tie Rods.

Three days after we took the Land Rover home, we notified Auto Excellence and explained to them that the vehicle was pulling to the left and that there was an intermittent noise coming from the right, front tire area. After about a week in a half, we were finally able to get the vehicle in and have their mechanics take a look at the problem. The next day, we were told that the wheel alignment was fixed and that the steering wheel column was also adjusted. These problems would Not have any bearing on the Noise issue which they had also been told about. Question : How can a Qualified Mechanic Realizing that there were Two Issues ( one being the noise factor & the other Being the Pulling severely to the Left ) Not realize that the Bushings & Tie Rods were both completely worn Out while performing both Alignments ??? They would Not address that question when confronted after the fact.

A few weeks went by at which stage there was a problem with the Alternator & Battery both packing up without any notice. At that stage we took the vehicle to British 4 X 4 ( a company that Auto Excellence does business with on a constituent Basis ) per Louis Venter the Manager at Auto Excellence they are a very reputable supplier of theirs. British 4 X 4 replaced the Alternator & Battery which cost R 5400 which I paid them for –No Issue. The Noise Issue that was Brought to the attention of Cobus Botha 3 days after we took delivery was still present at this stage. British 4 X 4 basically only works on & supplies spares for Landrovers. Their Mechanic found both Tie Rods & Front Bushings to be completely worn out ( worn parts were given to Louis Venter at Auto Excellence which he never commented on –Why ??? ) Normally these items would Not wear out for 150, 000 to 200, 000 km .Cost to Replace was R 7803 .

We immediately notified Louis Venter the manager at Auto Excellence and he told us that he would contact the 4x4 company to discuss. Louis Agreed with Maree at British 4 X 4 initially that they would pay the R 7803 & then approximately an hour later called Maree back & said that he would have to get their Owners approval ??? I paid the R 7803 as I obviously needed the Vehicle ASAP. I was never reimbursed .

After a few days of ignoring us and not returning our phone calls, Auto Excellence responds by telling us that they are not responsible and that they will not cover any of the repairs.

Auto Excellence offers a 30 day guarantee on their vehicles, which they obviously do not live up to. Their service prior to the sale was good, however, once they have received full payment the service aspect from after the Sale was a real Joke-- Auto Excellence along with Cobus Botha -- Salesman & Louis Venter -- Manager washed their hands of a Good Client as it was truly None of their concern in the end & cost me Time & Trouble along with the Repair bill of R 7803

Apr 8, 2013

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