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This poor excuse of a merchant company “” put a hold on my transactions-deposits because they said I was over my limit. My company takes in over 1 million annually and “” held all my deposits over $1, 300 for 30-days. How am I suppose to pay my suppliers and my workers for the products we already shipped! “” almost put me out of business.

Since then we acquired a real merchant account with our bank direct. We now have a merchant machine on our desk direct to our bank.

We will never use an internet merchant account again, and we suggest you don’t ether.

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  • Ra
      7th of Jan, 2010
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    We've also had a horrible experience with the Authorize.Net support. There is simply NO HUMAN AVAILABLE on the other side. And they charged an unknown fee on our bank account even before we've submitted our application! Avoid at all cost, because they will not respond to your complaints when you have any issue.

  • Ti
      12th of May, 2011
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    Stay away from Authorize. Net at all costs! Terrible Customer Service!! double charges our customers without admitting their mistake. Several of our customers got charged again by two weeks after the original charges were processed. We only have one on-site accountant to manually input credit card information when it comes to charge customer’s credit card; however, keeps accusing us for having two accountant submitting charges at the same time. Their customer service is very awful or virtually non-existed. Below are the brief conversation logs with
    5 May 2011
    When we first contacted their customer service representative, named Jessie, we were told that will never and ever initiate a duplicate charge without its customer enrolls in the payment reoccurrence program. We never enrolled in payment reoccurrence program in the past. In addition, our own investigation indicated that the duplicate charges were not the errors caused by our own employees.
    6 May 2011
    The next day we contacted again in seeking for an explanation. The call was handled by a person named Gunner. We requested to speak to his manager or supervisor, but were rejected. We told him we have had several customers who got duplicate charges by, but he was only willing to take one set of duplicate charges. We wanted to give him more information about other duplicate charges, but he refuses to take them. A ticket number (29063597) was issued by as the result of this conversation.
    9 May 2011
    Monday, 9 May 2011, customers have kept calling us and questioned the pending duplicate charges. We called again and were helped by someone named Brandon M. At the end of the conversation, we were told that both the original and the duplicate charges came from the same IP address: However, we did our own research and found that the IP address given is inconsistent with the IP address we use. IP address stating with 10 indicates that the address belongs to a private network. has been telling us that the case has been escalated for the review of its management. They still did not have a conclusive answer toward this incident.
    10 May 2011
    Called again and spoke to their supervisor, named Ben D. He kept insisting that the duplicate charges were caused by two accountants submitting payments at the same time. This time, their supervisor said the charges came from, which is the different IP address from the address they told us yesterday. Ben mentioned that was IP address, but had no idea why this IP address was given to us yesterday. However, based on our record, the duplicate charges are submitted at least one credit card information every second. In some cases, the two credit card numbers were submitted instantaneously. In other words, this is not likely to be submitted by a human being since the average processing time to input credit card numbers takes about 45 seconds or longer. We have urged to get back to us with a solution before 5:00pm PST or we will file a lawsuit against the company if no results are given before deadline.
    To Management:
    The duplicate charges made by without our consent are illegitimate and have severely damaged our company’s business reputation. We do not mean to leave this negative feedback online; however, we have no choice. We have been using your service over three years and we know how to use your virtual terminal when it comes to charge customer’s credit card. Your customer service representatives have failed to address this critical issue in a timely manner, talked to us with a terrible attitude, refused to take immediate action for further investigation, and accused us of submitting duplicate charges. We hope the management of will call its own customer service number at 1-877-447-3938 and get a feeling from its unhelpful customer representatives. We hope for those who have viewed this message to think twice if they decide to use as their payment processor.
    Our company has saved both regular and irregular transactions processed by Any person who has questions about details of this incident can email us at: [protected]

    Tim Lin

  • In
      16th of Aug, 2012
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    To help you out Tim Lin, you can check the ownership of the two IP numbers you cited: is in the range as follows:
    NetRange: - belongs to MPOWER COMMUNICATIONS CORP., 175 Sully's Trail, Suite 350, Pittsford, New York, 14534, US

    The other IP you cited, is hidden behind a shield at which anyone can hire to keep their ownership secret. You may want to tell your attorney, and he or she can subpoena the records and find the real owner.

    Lastly, if you don't have legal counsel, you can get very inexpensive counsel with Legal Shield (I've no connection with them) you will find by using the search engine and whatever state and city you're in.

    Hope this help you. Companies that abuse their customers and then refuse to talk with you should be pursued IMO. Good luck.

  • Ge
      16th of Dec, 2013
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    I telephoned CyberSource Australia to voice this complaint. I was told someone would ring me back, but they didn’t.

    On the 29th October we opened two Payment Gateway accounts with Authorize.Net

    On the 3rd December, we provided Authorize.Net with our Internet Merchant Facility Account Details.

    On the 5th December, we launched our USA website.

    It is now the 13th December and we are still unable to process credit card payments.

    In the 8 days that our website has been live, we have suffered the most appalling customer service.

    We have had many promises that people would get back to us, and they do not.

    We have been given many excuses and reasons why Authorize.Net is unable to get our facility working.

    However, to date, Authorize.Net has been unable to get the gateway to work.

    We have dealt with many unhelpful people.

    We asked the sales representative three times to provide us with the details of the most senior person in charge of your Australian operation, each time we were ignored.

    This exercise has been extremely costly to us. We have lost sales and our online reputation is now damaged, because Authorize.Net is unable to get out payment gateway to work.

    This letter of complaint was emailed to Cyber Source and ignored!

  • No
      21st of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes - This company is a scam, flat out
    United States

    This company is a scam, flat out. It took 3 weeks, 3 faxes and hours on the phone to close our account and they still charged us a month after the account was closed.

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