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Oh my God, paying people to hang
out to read the truth and try to contradict the scams they're pulling? I was
high bidder at $39, 500, I was high bidder at $50, 000, then again at $52, 500,
the $51, 000 bid "mysteriously" disappeared, Summer M, didn't want to
elaborate, to retract a bid you would have to call in, get transferred to the
correct department, explain why you "overbid", get transferred to the
next department to get the bid retracted, something you or I would take 15
minutes to accomplish, but yet was done in less than 30 seconds. And to make
things worse, the better business bureau is in bed with them, . "Well, you
bid $52, 500". There was a non-disclosed water leak no one wants to take
responsibility for, over $50, 000 in damage to the basement; no one wants to
take responsibility for. So I think the BBB and have the perfect
relationship. If they do have to fine them, only by hiring an attorney, they
pass smiles in the hall, and say see you next week. After all, if you disagree
with the BBB, so sad so bad.

Aug 02, 2014

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