Auction.comErroneous Foreclosure Listing info

Review updated: and 24/7 Realty have fraudulently and erroneously listed this property as FORECLOSED, but it is NOT a Foreclosure.
It became Bank Owned by Deed in Lieu. With a deed in lieu of foreclosure, it transferred ownership of this home to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage voluntarily, instead of through foreclosure. This was NEVER a foreclosure.
Listing on Zillow by and 24/7 Realty states the following:
DEC 8 2014 Listed by bank $15, 000 This property was foreclosed and now the lender is selling it for $15, 000.
Foreclosed The lender assumed this property during foreclosure proceedings and now owns it.

If there is a Class Action Lawsuit on this, I want in! Sick of Banks, Scammers and Fabricators screwing Consumers. They should ALL lose their license to practice and be heavily fined.

Dec 20, 2014
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  • Ma
      May 06, 2017

    me too. that’s crazy. find the owner of the property or relatives to get title reverse. Banks don’t seem to care enough about the Class actions because the rate they steal people’s property is multiple times faster than a Class Action’s time to get a Judgement. What is worse is that they never get one because they end up Settling with the Lawyers representing the consumer. Those lawyers get the fattest check while the rest gets distributed among thousands of individuals. Some people get a check for $35. The highest I seen reported was $5k. No one is jailed yet, they have more the law enforcement running after and put in jail individuals who use the same tactics. Or when ever they figure out a way to beat them, it becomes illegal. There should be a law to force them to post the Class Action and results, on the their HOME PAGE itself. to let consumer clearly see who they dealing with.

    . If you scared about their reputation? They ### up people credit and ruined their financial life and force people to have no choice but pay high interest or do not qualify. They should be forced to post

    I am tired of people thinking they are the only choice we got. Doesn’t any see that the foreclosing decision is their choice . They don’t have to proceed with it. The laws doesn’t force lenders to foreclose or 3 notices; They can chose to allow 6 months notice of default etc... . Only when the bank are forced to disclose their court lawsuit and class action settlements full report in exchange for our credit report, we it be treated with more respect with more leniency.

    Don’t believe me? think about the laws and regulations they place to stop others from helping distressed homeowner fight foreclosure, get a short sale approved, appeal, etc... Then we get massive newsletter, announcements, and banks make sure to post to warn consumer of SCAMMERS and to stay away from them while they continue with their foreclosures and

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