SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / illeghal auction conduct

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this website has acted as the next higher bidder all time to over-bid every newly inputted price every time, right at the second!! By doing so, it automatically jumps the bidding price up to the highest possible, so it can get the highest commissions!!!

Each time either me or my friend entered a new bid, the website immediately over bids the new price and claims that "someone has overbid your price". But the invisible party is itsel[censored]

At the last minute the winner maybe the website or maybe the real bidder, depending on who ends at the last-minute. The last minute fight can be intensive, because the real bidder is fight against the website which generates new bid automatically. The real bidder finds the other party acts right on every seconds when a new price is entered. If the last seconds ends by the website, will call the 2nd winder (i.e., 2nd after to pursue the sale transaction. Sometimes, if the website does not like the ending price, it can extend the auction period at its own discretion.

This unlawful conduct by is more than scam, is illegal!!!

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