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I was very disappointed with the service offered by Attractive Professionals, which is the trading name of Yours Sincerely Dating Limited. Ten things you should know before parting with your cash:
1) they claim to trade throughout the UK but actually they are a grandmother, daughter and granddaughter team that live in Edinburgh. I found them to be devoid of customer service skills in any event, but I was particularly unimpressed that they complained about having to travel when I sued them in England
2) Margot will always say that there are enough men: I spent two years trying to establish if there were enough men in my age group and was constantly reassured. However over 11 weeks only 4 profiles were made available to me. None at all during the last six weeks. Margot then told me it could take two to three years to find someone and on another occasion stated it could take 12 months just to find one person who wanted to be introduced to me. Unfortunate that this was never conveyed to me before I spent over £1, 000 with them and very convenient for them that all the while I was expected to pay £55 per month. So no incentive for them to hurry! Of the four profiles sent to me, I rejected one, but the other three rejected me. None of them were asked why by Attractive Professionals, I felt that was pretty lady and uncaring, but one offered an explanation stating he was looking for someone 20 years younger than me. So much for learning what a person is looking for or personal matching.
3) When things go wrong expect Them to blame you, to be rude and to humiliate you. I hardly need to give examples, because the responses by Attractive Professionals and Yours Sincerely Dating Limited on this site speak for themselves. That is a recurring theme you will see from all the complaints about Attractive Professionals and Yours Sincerely Dating Ltd on this site. Lorraine Marlow's view of my dissatisfaction was that I couldn't face rejection. Whereas my view was that they, as the experts, should have been able to tell from my profile if they had men on their books who would be interested. A pool of four men in my age group does not give anyone a reasonable chance! Attractive Professionals and Yours Sincerely Dating Limited will always talk about it only taking 'One ' special person, but what they don't say is that is basically because they have very few to offer. We all know that you don't have as much chance of finding that special one if you only have four to choose from! Don't waste your money!
4) There is no matchmaking skill or expertise: There is lots of talk about Margot having 30 years in the business and being an expert, but that is either Margot, her own daughter Lorraine Marlow or her granddaughter blowing Margot's own trumpet. If she has those skills she certainly did not use them for me. All she did was send through the four men on her books in the relevant age group. She didn't ask why I rejected someone, so as to learn what I was looking for and she didn't know the men either.
5) there is no effective ID of members: the website states that all members are interviewed and ID'd. Don't be fooled. What it doesn't tell you is the interview is on the telephone and as for ID, no identity documents are ever requested, viewed or submitted. What they actually claim to do (as stated by Lorraine Marlow in emails to me) is to believe whatever name, address and date of birth is given to them on the phone (which, let's face it could be anyone, using anyone else's details) and then input them into an online checking service. What they don't accept is that 1) they don't actually know who they were talking to on the phone and 2) all the online service does is check the voting register. So, unlike the suggestion on their website, this process is neither safe nor reliable. Identity fraud is everywhere, as we know from the media and our own experiences and dating is an especially vulnerable area, so please watch out!
6) if you get offered a special offer of a reduced price you should expect a reduced service: again a recurring them on the complaints about Attractive Professionals and Yours Sincerely Dating ltd on this site. I was never told that they had stopped using consultants. I had previously asked to visit their offices and had been told they were in Leamington Spa (I now assume that is where the consultant was) but before I did so I received an email with a special offer for £995 instead of the usual £2950. I thought it was too good to miss and went for it after again checking they had enough men on their books (little did I know that they considered four men enough - because 'it only takes one', as they say). But when Lorraine Marlow filed her defence in court she stated that I paid less than the usual price so what did I expect?
7) my last point is speculation, because I can't prove it. I settled out of court for a payout. But if I had continued I would have gone for 'discovery'. It will be no secret to you all from the above that I am a lawyer and It took a legal case to get any action out of Attractive Professionals and Yours Sincerely Dating Limited. Now, I accept as much as the rest of the population that attraction to someone is very much a personal thing, but when I looked at the four profiles that were sent to me, I rejected one of them yes, and I had a very specific reason in my background for doing that, but the other three were nowhere near the same calibrate of candidate that was sent to me as the so called 'Preview Profile ' to induce me to join. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but the Preview men sounded so interesting and shallow though it may seem, they looked like models! Who wouldn't be enticed? The three real members on the other hand did not sound like my type at all. But having spent £1, 000 on this, I thought to myself, 'don't be silly, take achance, you never know '. If those three men had spent £1, 000 on this project, I seriously wonder why their reaction would not have been similar? I can only come up with a few possibilities, either 1) they didn't like the look of me (fair enough but I would have liked Margot to at least ask and find out) ; or 2) they were looking for a completely different type of person (again Margot had my profile, couldn't she at least have asked or used her so called expertise?) or 3) they had far more choice of women than I had of men, so they could afford to be picky (one of my favoured theories because it is well known in the high end expensive dating agency world that it is harder to recruit men than women) and/ or these men did not invest as much in the process as I did, specifically cash. (that seems to be born out by other complaints on this site and also the experience of other men I know of who are looking to these type of sites and being offered huge discounts or free passes. I suspect all the above apply to my rejections and I am hurt that Attractive Professionals and Yours Sincerely Dating Limited put me in that position. They had seen my picture and drafted my profile, why not be honest with me about my prospects. Of course I know it is not an exact science, if only, but I feel totally misled and that can't be good for customers.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Updated by Jessamy, Oct 05, 2017

    This is a continuation of my complaint:
    8) the Preview Men may not be real current members: I was sent the same three men on two occasions two years apart. It seems very odd that the exact same men, the most attractive and accomplished ( according to their profiles) would be still on the books for a whole two years. Either they are not real, or Attractive Professionals, Yours Sincerely Dating Ltd, are fairly inept at finding these men suitable partners. Either way, it does not reflect well on Attractive Professionals, Yours Sincerely Dating Limited, who specifically confirmed to me that the men were active partners, but when I asked for my profile to be sent to them, they were unable to do so.
    9) don't expect to get your money back when they fail to deliver the service they promised: I had to start court proceedings to get them to take me seriously. Even then, they will never accept that they could improve in any way. Do not expect an apology!
    10) This is a tiny company . Only Margot does the match making. If she is away, Ill or on holiday, don't expect to get any service at all.

  • Attractive Professionals Customer Care's Response, Oct 07, 2017

    This lady is a 57 year old lawyer who joined us three years ago and gave us six weeks to find her a partner. Eventually she took us to the County Court. We won’t name her but the hearing in Gloucester County Court was held at Midday on 19th September 2017 and is an impartial public record.

    Despite the fact that we had done nothing wrong, in the interim we offered the lady six months service free of charge and we later offered to settle out of court; both of which she declined.

    At the hearing the Judge was sympathetic to our defence, and said that no dating service could be expected to guarantee a match and certainly not within such a short time. He also said that the ID checks we do seem to serve their purpose and if she wanted more in-depth (i.e. money laundering), checks, she shouldn’t have joined us.

    We absolutely recognise that rejection can be hard and we try to manage that as best we can but this client seemed to take it very badly that the four gentlemen didn’t want to meet her.

    The Judge made this client look very small in Court, picking apart her complaint and denying her requests. As we’d travelled all the way there from Edinburgh, he suggested that we settle the case and for an amount LESS than we had originally offered her.

    His final decision was ‘without liability’ and was written by the Judge in his Order; we think that speaks for itself.

    So although she accepted the money, she then went on to write her malicious complaint. Funnily enough we told the Judge that we thought she’d do exactly that.

    His response? ‘I’m sure Mrs B has better things to do with her time, like finding a new partner’.

    Lorraine Marlow, Director

Oct 04, 2017

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