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AT&T / wrong billing from package sold by at&t representative

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Phone: 615-866-9154

on Sept. 2, 2008, I called AT&T inquired on their TV ad on internet services for &19.95. Adam from AT&T answered my call and he can be reached at [protected]. I was only trying to get internet services but Adam went on to convince me to keep telephone services, unlimited local and long distance calling in US for $24.95 and asked about TV/cable services and convinced me to include Dish Network for $34.95 with free DVR and the package for 3 services - internet, telephone and cable for $60 per month but we just need to sign for 2 years plan which can be transferred whenever we move to another place. AT&T told me not to call Comcast, our current provider coz AT&T will do the changes. An independent company called my husband Jimmy to confirm our desire to change from Comcast to AT&T which my husband agreed. Right after that (week of 9/10/08), our phone and internet from Comcast was no longer in service so I assumed that was the cancellation done by AT&T. At&T was only able to connect our telephone and internet on 9/22/08. The Dish Network came to install on 9/13/08 but the next day, their cable fell down so we did not have signal and it took a week before Dish Network came back to fix it.
When the 1st bill dated 10/20/08 was for $304.30 I immediately disputed the amount. There were charges for [protected] which we never had and numerous charges we never signed up for. I demanded a revised bill to just show $60 per month plus taxes that their sales agent sold us but they continue to insist $60 is not true & insist over $120 per month when we were enjoying $99 for 3 services from Comcast so why should I move if I couldn't save? Their agent is misleading consumers just to get us signed in for AT&T services. After days and long hours of negotiation I just agreed not to have phone services altho AT&T sold me telephone with the price of $60 per month. On 11/18, I received a revised bill for $183 & when I called AT&T for details of $183 they can't explain but just say after credits. I was just over a month with AT&T & there's no way my bill should be $183.
Please help fix this problem. AT&T agents are convincing consumers their price is way lower than their counterparts but after signing AT&T do not honor what their agents are selling. This is misleading consumers and unfair because we (consumers) make bad decisions to change service or companies only to find out they are even more expensive and waste a lot of your time negotiating with them. AT&T has to honor what their representatives are selling consumers, it was $60 per month for internet, phone and cable tv for our account under the name Jimmy Borja, account # [protected].
I look forward that this gets resolved ASAP so I can pay my true bill.

Thank you.

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  • De
      30th of May, 2007
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    AT&T - Too big
    United States

    I have a complaint about the customer service part of this company. I have been a loyal bill paying customer for several years I have no real complaint about the service of the phone however the company seems not to take "care" of the consumer. first the service reps for the most part have a poor attitude towards the persons paying their wages (the consumer). I have never seen such disrespect and arrogance by the associates when dealing with a customer. I had a phone stolen from my sons car about a month after we purchased it. I called and had the service out on hold as not to run up a bill for misuse all was well until I contacted them to purchase a replacement phone, at that point they refused to give any type of refurbished allowance no discount what so ever, bear in mind this was 1 month after adding a line and getting a 2 yr contract renewed , I called again the rep said we can give you a refurbished phone no problem- i then spoke w/son and chose a phone when I called back NO DEAL must buy a phone at full price, then i find out they added a hidden road side towing plan 10.00 each phone per month without my permission and did not put insurance at 4.95 per month on my bill.

    My last call was tonight 5/24/07 8:59 with Ashley who acted like I was caught with my hand in her purse when I asked what I would need to do to activate a phone we were thinking of buying from ebay as I have been paying the second line fee for 3 mos without having a phone... She was rude and mean.. What does a consumer have to do to get respect from someone your paying 130.00 a month to ??? I am a very rational and soft spoken person who does not lose my temper so there was not a issue with me being unreasonable. Then try and send a cx complaint by e mail.. Thats the kicker the system shuts down with no options for pre selected mandatory selections so the e mails cant be sent.. No one can give you a complaint e mail just a po box... I feel like I am in a really dark corner as it is 175.00 each line to get out of my contract. My brother has had alltel for 8 or 9 mos he dropped his phone in water that company happily replaced it for 50.00 and overnighted it at no charge... Think first before committing to Cingular one (the new at&t) they really are too big for their britches!

    deb ritter

  • Ge
      23rd of Oct, 2007
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    You have no idea unless you have worked for a cell company. Most representative have a lot of stress to deal with and a very limited time to solve issues to avoid losing their job. Yes occasionally you get a few reps that help you regardless but they only last a few months then get canned for not doing everything in under the allotted time. These people deal with lies every days and excuses so don't be mad at them. I would recommend escalating this issue to get it resolved. Be very polite and ask for a supervisor.

  • Ja
      4th of Nov, 2007
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    Due to my past experiences with AT&T, I would recommend using an alternative company for your communication needs. Do not agree to any contracts with any company, for their good service will be commitment enough, no contract(s) keep a company honest!

  • Mi
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    I just received my first bill for ATT U Verse and it was almost 3 times what I was quoted on the phone when I ordered it and they says they can do nothing about this now. My advise, "Get it in writing" and any and all dealings with this company.

  • Mi
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    I agree.

  • Bl
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    AT&T - Wrong billing
    South Carolina
    United States

    They offer promotional deals and deceive you. I was ready to cancel in Dec., then they said they would renew my promotional offer. Then when the bill increased in Jan., they said I would only pay one month at the hgher rate before the discounted rate would take effect. Then in Feb. when the bill remained high, I was told by Kenisha in Jackonsville, FL that they could not renew me at the promotional rate, though I had been told in Dec. by an T&T representative that I could renew the rate for another six month.

    In addition, if you try to complain about billing by calling, my average wait time has been half an hour or more. I have talked to AT&T representative wh tranfered me to departments that never answered. I have also talked to representatives that sounded like they were at home with fighting kids in the backgroud. I hve been left with the impression that AT&T is a completely deceptive company, who will not honor its stated rates, but instead try to sell you additioanl services to inflate your bill.

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