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A young man came to my door on September 20, 2009 asking if I would be interested in helping him win a trip to Europe by purchasing magazines. He said if I purchased part cash, part check he would get more more points. I selected two year subscription of "Rolling Stone" for $70.00 and paid $15.00 in cash and wrote a check for $55. He informed me that I would start to receive the magazine in 12 weeks. When I checked my bank account, I discovered my personal check #7484 made out to Atlantic Circulation Inc. was posted on October 1, 2009. It is now February 5, 2010 and I still have not received my magazines. I have contacted the company via their website and have not had a response. I am outraged that I have not received my pre paid product and that the young man wasn't a student trying to earn his way to Europe. I have 4 children and they have participated in fundraisers through their school to take class trips to places like Yosemite, Washington D.C. and Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespearean Festival. My children did honest work to earn their money to make those trips and if Atlantic Circulation Inc. is using children (he said he was in high school) to sell a product and not deliver, they are committing fraud. I want either my magazines or a refund for services unrendered.

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  • Ky
      7th of Jun, 2010

    Anyone who has been scammed like me, please contact me at [protected] I'm starting to get things ready to put this company out of business. I need everyone who wrote these testimonials to help me. My name is Kyle, and I was scammed on may 26, 2010. She wanted to go to broadcasting school. I was fooled bad. After I told my girlfriend about the magazine subscription, she said not to do it.. Like any good boyfriend, I listened. It's been two weeks since my requst for a refund, and I haven't seen a dime. After I called the company, they said sometimes things get lost in the mail... When I brought all of the scam stories to her attention, she said these kind of things happen. After that I knew they had to come down. on top of fraudulant subscriptions, they put kids out on the street; far away from home, to solocit their crime. They must be stopped, and I need everyone to he'll lead the way.

    Thank you,

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  • Su
      18th of Jul, 2010

    I've done a lot of looking around and it's clear that your Attorney General is likely aware of this scam and they are specifically targeting these violations of the "3-day right of rescission law" where we have every right to cancel our orders by law. Just a suggestion. This is ridiculous, totally agree.

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