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Aspire Visa / Fraudulent practices

1 Columbus, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-3488783

My credit card started being declined at stores on 11/10/08. At first I thought it was a bad scan but then I realized that something was wrong with the card. After attempting to make an online purchase I was notified the card was declined again. Upon calling customer service I was notified that Aspire Visa was discontinuing it's services and was never given a reason why. When I asked 'Robert' if ALL of the Aspire Visa accounts were being discontinued I was notified that 'Aspire Visa is discontinuing it's services' He would never specify if it was just my account or others as well.

I called back a second time with more questions about my account and spoke with 'Robert' again. I am currently waiting and have been waiting for over 30 minutes on the phone to speak with a representative that can discuss my actual account information. It is now 2:06 am. I am very disappointed and disgusted with their customer service.

I will evaluate this last bill with a magnifying glass to make sure they are not stealing any more of my money. My account limit has never been reached and I pay the bill off every month. There is no reason on my end why the card should be discontinued. Will this hurt my credit in the end?? My credit at current is perfect. Their customer service is repulsive.

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  • Ka
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    I also just spoke with someone from Aspire Visa and was told after receiving a letter my card would no longer be in effect but I would continue receiving monthly statements until my balance was paid in full. What the heck? I asked the Aspire representative if Aspire had filled bankruptcy and he did not answer. Lately, I have been using the card frequently and now I am without the credit card if i need it in case of an unforeseen emergency.

  • Ka
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    I forgot to mention when I spoke with the Aspire Visa representative I was told it wasn't only I whose card had been discontinued. The customer service rep told me there were many other card holders whose cards had been discontinued without being given a legitimate reason. Aspire Visa customers: If you haven't as yet received a letter from Aspire stating your Visa account has been closed, you should expect to receive a one in the mail soon.

  • Ir
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    I called their customer service just now. Their guy claimed that this was happening because Aspire Visa would no longer be in existance in the future. When I tried to call earlier in the day, the line was always busy.
    I was wondering if it was specific to the state of Ohio because issue 5 had passed restricting short term interest rates to 28.5% and if this also
    applied to credit cards.
    Would business really be that bad at 30%? Do that many people wind up defaulting that the losses exceed their gains at 30%? Or are they really
    suffering that many losses because the economy is tanking and so many people are hit and can't afford to pay their bills anymore?
    I guess I'm glad that I got signed up with some of these other pre-approved offers that had been coming lately, or I'd be hit now.

  • Te
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    It is not just Ohio . . . I am from Texas and got "the letter". I am fortunate in that I had paid off the card and wasn't using it -- other than they charged me in September for my annual fee. I was told that they would be refunding me a prorated amount but could not tell me when. I thought that since they were not making anything off of my account that they were cancelling me. Obviously this is affecting every customer. They must be going under like several companies right now. Really stinks!

  • Pa
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    I live in Virginia and I also received the same letter. After speaking with 2 customer service reps I really don't have any additional info to share. I do not have a balance on my account, but I am concerned about how this will be reported to the credit companies (TransUnion, EquitiFax) etc. The last rep I spoke with said it would report as the Company closed all cards. I don't have a real good feeling about that. With the way things are now Credit score means alot. Any thoughts?

  • Er
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    Same thing happened to me. I think there could be a class action lawsuit started on this. If anyone decides to start one email me with lawyers info. They are ruining peoples credit which will cost everyone thousands of dollars more on future purchases.

    They should also hault the interest payment since the account has been closed and just have us pay on the priciple balance.

  • Is
      11th of Dec, 2008
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    It is Dec. 11th and have not received a letter and our card is still active. (Live in TX). However, did notice the credit limit was reduced by $150, not much, but have put in an email query.

    I luckily have never had any problems with Cust. Serv, statements, payments, etc and for the past three years always got a nice credit limit increase. I paid exclusively by the website and my payments were always posted immediately and the $150 fee was reduced every year due to good payment history. I can find no official news of Aspire closing, only comments on boards such as this. Anyone read or hear of annything Official?

    If indeed all accounts are getting closed, that will have a tremendous effect on credit scores, especially those of us who pay of the balance each month and are used to having that percentage of credit available. If anyone finds any info, please post!

  • Di
      7th of Jan, 2009
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    I have had an Aspire Card (Satan's Company) for over ten years. In the past, I wouldn't pay much attention to statements, and just make the monthly minimum. I decided during the summer to get busy and pay off the card. I have made over $1000.00 in payments and my balance has barely moved. As of October, they closed my account and raised the interested rate---nice hey. I've called and emailed often, and they politely tell me, "I understand your concern, but we cannot lower the rate on an account that is closed. I want to take action---anyone interested in a class action suit. This company is the Madoff of banking facilities. Diane

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