Aspen Dental Managementcrown placed looks like a dead tooth, hurts, and damage done to neighboring tooth when crown was placed.

Aspen Dental,
I am writing a complaint regarding dental service received at LaCrosse Aspen Dental. I would like the error fixed.
I asked for a crown on a bottom front tooth. I have enclosed copies of the bills. After over 4 trips to LaCrosse, a 1.5 hour drive from my workplace, I still do not have a correctly fit and matching colored crown. In addition, when the crown was trimmed the dentist nicked the tooth next to the crown, making the front teeth look even more uneven.
The first crown was bright white, and then three more were ordered. The crown that was finally placed looks like a smokers tooth. It does not match at all and makes my smile look like I have a dying tooth.
In addition it rubs on the top teeth and my bite is off because of it. My speech is affected because I am constantly adjusting my jaw to accommodate for the ill-fitting, mis-colored crown.
I would like your prompt attention to my concerns. I paid for the Zoom process so that I could have my teeth whitened in preparation for a new crown which would match my new white smile. I still do not have this.
I went to another dentist a week ago and discovered they could try to color match but everything would be at my cost because dental insurance will not pay for a new crown that soon.
I would like my teeth whitened again and a new, properly fit and properly matched crown be placed at no charge. I would also like the neighboring damaged tooth to be fixed.
Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated.
Rebecca Bednarski

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