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Aspen Dental / insurance rip off and shoddy work

1 2638 delaware aveBuffalo, NY, United States Review updated:
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i had ten teeth extracted and temporary denture made in april.i have two dental insurance policy's i was told i had to pay seven hundred and thirty dollar's as my total co pay.i still have the temp teeth which are i am told i have to pay another eleven hundred and twenty dollar's.because the insurance company did not pay as much as they said they would aspen told me they have that where on my statement does the seven hundred and thirty dollar's show up that i already paid them.i told them i don't want them to make me the permanent teeth because their work is lousy.they have been paid twenty five hundred dollar's for the permanent dentures by my insurace itold them keep the money i don't want them making my teeth and we will call it even.they said i still have to pay the eleven hundred plus the seven hundred thirty dollar's i already gave them out of my pocket.i am on a pension and cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn't afford this.i will take the loss and go to a real dentist and pay out of pocket to get some decent teeth made so i can eat again if anyone has a class action suit please let me know or if intrested in starting i will join this is a bad business please don't go there

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  • Ir
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    Sorry you had to go through this. I am now in the same situation. ASPEN DENTAL IS THE WORST PLACE TO GO!! I have a temporary plate and have yet to get my Top of the Line Dentures (its been almost a year) They took $2500.00 off me up front, of course, now the temporary plate is falling apart. I tried to get a refund, but they want both sets. HEARTLESS PEOPLE!! They want to leave us out there with no teeth. I refused to accept my final product because it was way to big. I asked for a refund for only the final product, the manager kIM SULLIVAN could not give me a time or amount of my refund, says she must call corporate. This is BS. I sit here now, with cheap plastic temporay plates and they have MY $2500.00 that stinks. THEY DO NOT HELP YOU FIND YOUR SMILE, THEY FIND YOUR POCKETS, TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU WITH NO TEETH. I too would be interested in a class action law suit, any lawyers out there ready!!!?

  • Ja
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    Most of those "dental chains" are garbage. You are to blame for entrusting these idiots with your mouth in the first place. Also, to the gentleman who is going to another dentist to get some "decent teeth" so that he can "chew again". Good luck! If you think that dentures are an adequate replacement for teeth you are a bigger ### than the place you went to. Maybe if you had spent a little out of pocket over the years and went to a decent dentist, you wouldn't be in this predicament. Oh, but let me guess are you going to say "I didn't have dental insurance!" Look ###, there is no such thing as dental insurance. Insurance is a policy you buy to prevent against something catastrophic happening. Almost everybody will need some type of dental work in their lifetime so this so called "insurance" is really a scam and a waste of money. Maybe if you had been going regularly and hadn't been jumping from dentist to dentist based on your so-called "insurance list", you wouldn't be in this predicament. So take your white trash ### back to where you came from and shut the [censored] up!

  • Ku
      8th of Jan, 2010
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    Nice post Jack off!! I love it!!! I wish there are more people like you that speak the truth! You are right in everysense in your post...these dental chains are garbage!! People need to understand you get what you pay for! cheers... Look at the letter I got from Aspen dental the other day! How misleading...

  • Ku
      8th of Jan, 2010
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    See the letter Aspen Dental sends out to other dentists to join them!! commom...get real guys!

  • Fa
      14th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Totally agree. I went in Feb. of last year and by the time all was said and done paid almost $6, 000 for a $239 smile. I was suppose to get full dentures but a year later, still have my temporary and can't even where the botttom plate. My mother also went for a partial and paid $2400.00 (in full supposedly) up front. We just went back to get her perm. plate form done and they told her she HAD to have work done to some other teeth amounting to another $200.00 which she does not want done. She is 84 years old. I almost lost it right there in the office and told them exactly what I thought of their business and the way they conduct it. I made it perfectly clear to everyone in the waiting room to grab their wallets and purses and run like hell.

    I had financed part of mine and that is now paid off so they won't even discuss it with me because now they say my insurance didn't cover and of the other and my insurance said they already paid. I am waiting for a copy of that from my insurance, then all hell is gonna break loose.

    I went to the one in Horseheads, NY. All I can say is CONSUMER BEWARE.

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