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Arrow / Garbage Product, HORRIBLE Cust Service

1 United States
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My mom & I bought a 10x14 Steel Shed by Arrow. We bought it at Lowes last summer & we had the worst time possible trying to put this thing together. We had approx. 4 different helpers putting this shed together & nothing was making it any easier. There was duct tape as weather stripping for the ridge line, and not the good stuff either! We had the portable drills on the lowest setting and it still broke all the plastic washers that were supposed to seal the shed. The thing was not water proof by any means! We also bought the foundation/floor frame kit which we thought was the entire floor. Wrong! The finishing material is not included, so we had to drive back and buy the plywood and ended up not using the framing kit anyway, it was a bunch of flimsy crap that we did not want to use. We wanted to return the shed and tried contacting the company and what an ordeal that was. I worked my way up and ended up talking to a supervisor, finally. I explained some of the problems we were having in a very polite way and was requesting a refund. She got extremely snappy with me and told me a couple of girl scouts could assemble the thing in one day! That was pretty funny to me, since we had a scaffolding ladder that could reach up to 16 ft. and we still could not reach the drill to the holes in the ridge line because the roofing pieces were too long for anyone to reach. And in the manual it showed a silhouette of a person standing next to the shed reaching over it assembling the roof! Needless to say, the company supervisor was the RUDEST person I have ever talked to before and was not helping in any way. She wouldn't issue a refund so I talked with Lowes and issued my complaint there. They were very accommodating and refunded my money and they returned the shed back to the company. And the way they made it sound, that was NOT the first complaint they had that season.


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