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Armed Forces MCSS / Terrible experience

1 163-10 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 718-291-0563

There are no authorized or certified sources for commercial Army Combat Uniforms (ACU) made to the official "specification". The only authorized specification compliant ACUs are produced for Government Contracts. At this point, if a Soldier wasn't issued an ACU by the Army, then it isn't specification compliant, since no authorized commercial sales have been made. After 1 Jan 06, AAFES Military Clothing Sales Stores will be the only stores authorized to sell specification compliant ACUs.

Each uniform that is issued by the Army or sold through AAFES should have two tags. One near the collar that tells the size and a second one located somewhere else on the uniform that specifies a government contract number (along with an National Stock Number -NSN) and care instructions. AAFES is the only commercial source that is authorized by the Army to sell ACUs procured under Government contract, that comply with the specification. Valid ACU Government contract numbers either start with SPO (awarded by the Defense Logistics Agency/Defense Supply Center Philadelphia) or with W911QY (awarded by the contracting office at Natick, MA on behalf of the Product Manager - Clothing and Individual Equipment).

The U.S. Government cannot certify the authenticity of the ACUs Soldiers may be procuring on their own. Nor has there been any guidance from HQDA that precludes a Soldier from buying a "Knock-off" ACU, other than the requirement in AR 670-1 that Soldiers wear specification compliant uniforms. A Soldier thinking about buying an ACU from a source other than AAFES should consider the following:

The uniform may not meet appearance standards and specifications per the AR for wear and appearance. The uniform may not meet durability and wear specifications (ie, seams may fail, color may fade, material may not be constructed properly leading to tearing, ripping, or development of holes). Since there is no contract number in the "Knock-off ACU", the Army (or AAFES) is not obligated to sustain or exchange a defective uniform (Uniform warranty is VOID). The Soldier is spending his own money to purchase a uniform he will probably get at no cost if or when deployed.

100 days ago by G.robinson [send email].

The saga continues...

This is my second time posting to this board. Please see my first post by G. Robinson. I finally received a FedEx box from Armed Forces MCSS, 70 days after my initial order. After losing two disputes with my credit card company, (due to MCSS misrepresenting their actions), 4 unreplied emails to Mr. B. Williams to cancel my order. One unreplied to email requesting a return merchandise authorization. When I finally opened the FedEx box, the item ordered was not in the box. I ordered an Air Force ABU Gortex jacket and receive what looked to be a brown under liner garment. I could only stand there and laugh! To other "victims" on this board, if you aren't aware... after 90 days from the date of purchase, your credit card companies will no longer petition on your behalf. If you are experiencing issues with items you have ordered from MCSS, please do not wait to address to your credit card company. I will be pursuing this issue with the JAG to see if I can have this company placed on the "no contact list", will contact to the BBB in NY and contemplating some other legal avenues. No other axe to grind... other than the $325 that I’m out at this point. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

100 days ago by Joseph [send email].

Report them to the Better Business Bureau, If there are enough complaints maybe people will quit getting scammed by them. Our Armed Forces should not be treated this way.

99 days ago by Sammyg [send email].

REPORT THEM!!! This kind of business practices need to stop.

90 days ago by Evan Watkins [send email].

I had a similar problem; ordered APECS jacket in Nov 07 because they were the only ones reporting "in stock". I am military and was willing to pay twice the standard cost $325 instead of $173 because we NEEDED it NOW. But then after about a week I called for a status... "it's coming". Then a week later "it's on the shipping floor and will be sent soon". Then another week later same thing. A few days later I spoke w/ the operations manager who basically cussed me out because I wanted my jacket "when I wanted it"... at this point I filed a complaint w/ the BBB of NY and canceled my order thru my bank. BBB emailed me a note a few weeks later saying that the situation was not covered... They recently rebutted my claim, but they sent info for 2 other people and their purchases plus a letter they claimed to have sent to me. Liars, cheats... they are.

90 days ago by Mercy Me [send email].


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79 days ago by Joespeh [send email].

This place is a RIPOFF. This business is run by a couple of reservist Officers that like Ripping Military members off. Once you complain then they try to threaten to report you through your chain of command. These people (SO CALL OFFICERS) are very unethical. They are SCAM ARTISTS and SHOULD BE REPORTED!!!

72 days ago by Sammy [send email].

Seems like they do alot of Spamming on the internet also to cover their tracks. Who is this CSR SGT Zapata that does those ###ed advertisements on AOL Video for Armedforcesmcss? This place seems to be run by a bunch of 3rd graders. And yes this place is run by a bunch of reservists. Checking their website, you can tell because they charge over $20.00 to ship some nametapes to you.

69 days ago by Marybeth [send email].

They should be put in jail for ripping off our soldiers who are fighting for our country. Especially if they are in the armed forces themselves and using their rank or power to do it.

68 days ago by Marty_v [send email].

According to the administrators for the website and a little research below is the information for contact. And yes they are reservists that run or own Armedforcesmcss as a private business. These crooks need to be reported to the nearest JAG or military installation in New York. This can also be verified with a myspace add showing a Major Carmine Annunziata. The other I believe is a Captain.

Administrative Contact:
Garcia, Maria [protected]
Armed Forces MCSS
162-10 Jamaica Ave
Gertz Plaza Acquisition Mall
Jamaica, New York 11432
United States
[protected] Fax -- [protected]

Technical Contact:
Annunziata, Carmine [protected]
Armed Forces MCSS
162-10 Jamaica Ave
Gertz Plaza Acquisition Mall
Jamaica, New York 11432
United States
[protected] Fax -- [protected]

66 days ago by Fernando [send email].

They do sound very deceptive. Why are people allowed to get away with this?

62 days ago by Joseph_p [send email].

These guys seem like scammers. They also use the internet to Spam alot. This should give you the first indication that this place is not on the legit side. Another indication is their outrageous shipping charges. For example to order a rank insignia it would cost you $22.11 to ship a $3.99 item. From all the negative postings they sure seem like scam artists and prey on the military. Continue to report them because they will wind up in jail sooner or later, Hopefully Sooner.

54 days ago by Col Thomas Booker [send email].

I can not believe the malicious attacks toward fellow service members that are Commissioned Officers! You all should be ashamed of yourselves. If you really did some research, you would notice that this Company is a Contractor for DoD, Recruiting Sub-Station and the corporate officers are military.

I am ashamed of to be associated in the same branch of service as most of the people writing these complaints. I have never in four years had a problem with this company, the Armed Forces MCSS! Learn to voice your uneducated opinions on the chalkboard.

42 days ago by Laura Williams/government Cont [send email].

I must say, this is the first NY company that has gotten away with this ### with me. I've had past experiences with bate and switch NY/NJ companies and learned after once bitten they are pretty much all the same. I'm a contractor and have supplied our hard working Soldiers that represent us unlike these DIRTBAGS. They are liars, scammers, thief's. I'm guessing I'm out almost 900 dollars. I was told back in FEBRUARY when my card was charged that we would be receiving the 4 NEW APECS in mid march. Well mind you... it's only been two weeks now that it's April 1st. BUT after all my phone calls, emails and yes to even the RETIRED Maj Carmine whatever his last name is- no answers no responses. Same old crap as everyone in the previous posts. Its the same song and dance... "will be shipping shortly". I was even told that he "KEITH" went down to shipping.. they probably don't even have a "shipping" department! They probably work out of a basement of a falling down brick building like all the other NY scam shops! I'm so disgusted and actually really irritated that I ordered these through these THIEF'S/CROOKS and not Propper like I was going to. But my guys were cold in the contracting office that I work for and I searched high and low trying to find the NEW APECS- not the defected ones that were generated, the reason for the back up on the APECS. Now how do I tell my guys I was scammed and they probably won't get the jackets while deployed. Unfortunately for MCSS it HAS NOT BEEN 90 DAYS YET. Our bank will hopefully reverse the charges! I'll show them the BBB website and this complaint board. I do not like thief's, liars, or scam artists especially when my company lives to help our Soldiers stateside and Overseas!

My last phone call tonight was at 5:50 and Keith answered the "ordering line" as always and had the audacity to tell me he has no information and everyone is getting ready to walk out because it was 10 to 5!!! The NERVE! Thank God, I do not live in NY or anywhere even remotely close. I am going to contact one of my contractors that used to be deployed to the same contracting office and he lives in NY! OFF TO THE BBB...

42 days ago by Edith [send email].

They have 20 complaints on the BBB site... and they are not even a member, I wonder why... Well with a business like this the best thing to do is to report them and make people aware who they are dealing with. It will catch up to them sooner or later.

41 days ago by Sammy T [send email].

Wow that is 4 complaints in 26 days.

33 days ago by Myan_man [send email].

This place must be run by a bunch of XXX... 25 Complaints to the better business bureau in the past 12 months with 21 of them with no reply to the consumer. 37 Total complaints. WHY DO YOU PEOPLE KEEP ON ORDERING FROM THEM!!! 17 COMPLAINTS IN 18 DAYS. Management needs to fire some people there...Crooks don't fire Crooks. See for yourself, I made it simple and provided you with a link

19 days ago by Frustrated_shopper [send email].

I ordered an APEX jacket and when I placed the order they stated 9 to 20 business days. It hasn't arrived and it's been a month and a half. When I email and said I wanted to cancel my order they said it was denied since it wasn't within 48 hours of placing my order. They keep saying it's on the shipping floor. Their shipping floor is probably someone's dining room table. If you read last weeks Air Force times someone wrote in a comment about AAFES and MCSS not being able to support the ABU demand. If I do not get my jacket in 90 days I'm going to the BBB for help.

7 days ago by Complaint [send email].

A few other resources that can be used to report are:

1. Consumer Sentinel (

2. New York Inspector General's Office ( If threatened Illegally by UCMJ, reported to command. This can be used if the employees/owners are affiliated to the military

3. If your credit is threatened due to fraud you can contact the fraud department for the 3 credit reporting companies:

EQUIFAX: To report fraud, call [protected] or write to P.O. Box 740250, Atlanta, GA [protected].

EXPERIAN: To report fraud, call (888) EXPERIAN or [protected], fax to [protected], or write to P.O. Box 1017, Allen, TX 75013.

TRANS UNION: To report fraud, call [protected] or write to P.O. Box 6790, Fullerton, CA 92634.

4. Use your Local Jag and IG Office.

5. Use certified return receipt mail when mailing items or corresponding with them. This is proof to see whether they accepted or returned your mail unread.

6. File a report with your local police station if identity theft or fraud is suspected.

7. If your personal information is used for anything else besides fulfilling your order REPORT IT!

8. Read the terms and conditions:

Occasionally, there may be misprints or errors in our print and online catalogs. Armed Forces MCSS™ reserves the right to correct the misprint or withdraw the offer. Specifications, colors, legal restrictions, prices and availability are subject to change at any time without notice. It may be necessary to substitute an item with a product of equal or better quality and value that varies slightly from our print and online catalog description.

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  • Oz
      26th of Jan, 2012
    +1 Votes

    UPDATE!!!Wanted Florida DOC Fugitive and military faker Carmine Annunziata was arrested at maria garcia house 1.18.12 by FBI and U.S. Marshalls .1940 brooklyn ave whiting NJ . she should be court marshalled out of the Army . she goes around with him dressed in a Major outfit . he never served a day in his life . Carmine Annunziata and Maria Garcia are both behind Armed Forces MCSS and JBUEC scams.

  • Af
      10th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Updated Story about Armed Forces MCSS in the Air Force Times

    Read and pass on.

  • An
      27th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    You know, my heart is bleeding for the persons who were ripped off by this man and woman. This man was never a member of the Arm Services. All the years I knew this man, he has been selling bagels...and I am going back as far as 20yrs ago. He even use to have Capt Garcia, walking with him selling bagels. She was a nurse at the time, has been a nurse for a number of years. She will get off from work in the mornings and join him. He started selling knock-off military uniforms in the flea market in NY, then he went to Gertz Mall in Jamaica Ave, then he moved directly opposite into the old recruiting center. It was sometime at Gertz mall that Maria enlisted in the military as a nurse. Her status is legit in respect to the military, but Carmine was never a member of the military. He use physically assault Maria. When she first met him, she was with her two young kids. He did not want them around, so she sent them to live with relatives, and shortly after she met him, she got a beating, she went to work at all black and blue. What bothers me the most, is this man has been taking pictures in military uniform with the rank of Major, with legit military officers. If this man is really a fugitive, why wasn't he arrested a long to before. this man is like hiding in plain site. Now Capt Garcia is dead (God rest her soul) and there are a lot of speculations surrounding her death. Her body was lying there for viewing and he was enquiring from her co-workers from a hospital about life insurance. And at the viewing, he did not allow her children relative or parents to be there..I hope that if this animal is really wanted, that he goes to jail for a long time.

  • Ik
      6th of May, 2013
    0 Votes


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