ARCObad customer service-refused to give service.

My wife walked into one of Arco store#42185 and was helped by an employee named: Rhamad. she went in to purchase Gas, this representative gave her attitude at first because she was going to pay with quarters and dimes, my wife has diabetes and she got really upset when the MR.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Los Angeles, CARhamad told her she can't pay with this, because is a company policy, my wife told him this is all I got, he said then I have to refuse service, she got into panic because she was not going to make it without having gas, this made her blood sugar levels to be high and it was until one African American guy told the cashier to sell her the gas, he actually did it, my first concern is, is this the type of training the company provide? second this employees do not received any type of orientation class in how to treat a customer, what if my wife had an stroke because of the unfortunate situation? this will create liability in your company, this employee needs to be subject to disciplinary action or Termination.

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