Aprianeed for oxygen, a life-source

Currently my mother has an 84 Oxygen Level, she went to the Pulmonologist on Tuesday, 2/17 and the Doctor said he would place an order for Oxygen immediately, he said the soonest she would receive the Oxygen it would be Tuesday night. Today is Thursday morning, 2/19 - no sign of oxygen, I sure hope my mom is still alive when the oxygen finally does arrive.

I called Apria this morning and was on the phone with them for 25 minutes and really, got no where - they told me that their was a RX for a Nebulizer however she doesn't need this.She needs Oxygen People a life-source. I was told that the Doctor did not fill out the paperwork properly.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in San Leandro, CA Even if there was some small mishap on that paperwork, Apria should deliver - we are talking about people's lives that are in jeopardy - Apria will eventually get the proper paperwork from the Doctor but you don't mess with people's lives and their need for Oxygen. I called the Doctor's office too and they are checking on their end what could have happened. I want to sue Apria, they are negligent and continue to F with people's lives. Apria, you provide a service to people and patients - we are talking about LIVES. Apria, you may want to revisit your forms and paperwork that you provide to these doctors as they must not be simple and the Medical field must jump through hoops to provide for their patients. BUREAUCRACY may kill my mom.

Feb 19, 2015

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