Applebee's / poor manager

156 South River Road, Saint George, UT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (435) 628-6600

Every Tuesday my friends and I go to our local Applebee's because they have Karaoke and half price appetizers. Our waitress was punctual and made sure everything went well for us. We were all enjoying ourselves then received our checks. I noticed that the appetizer, Queso Blanco, that I had order was not half priced on my check. I asked our waitress about it and she told me she would try to get it fixed. Later she came back to our table and told me that the manager would not give me the half price on the item but he would take fifty cents off of it. I was annoyed by this, the reason myself and my 12 friends come to this Applebee's every week is mostly for the half priced appetizers. I asked our waitress if she would mind having the manager come over so that I could ask him about the issue. She sent him over and when he came to our table he was extremely rude to me. He treated me like I shouldn't even be in the restaurant and I was a waste of time being there. He didn't give me anymore of a discount and was very hostile to the rest of my group and myself. We are now questioning whether we should continue going to Applebee's on Tuesdays as has been our tradition. The manager's name is Carmello or something along those lines by the way, just in case you go there and are treated poorly don't be surprised.


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