APM Bus Service / stopping stations

1 gauteng, ZA

APM passengers please be advised that if you are travelling from Gauteng to Eastern cape using this bus it doesn't stop at our hiking spot were all long distance buses stops, because buses arrive early in the morning and all taxis are not in town yet they are at our hiking spot waiting for passengers coming from Gauteng and cape town. on the 24th of November I was going to the Eastern cape(Cofimvaba St marks) from Gauteng attending my brother of which he was the 11 child to pass away from my parents if the funeral was on that day I could have missed my brothers funeral because you only get taxis going to the rural areas around one o'clock . We were suppose to jump off at St marks hiking spot, the driver didn't stop he sais the bus stops at Cofimvaba Rank we had to go back spending more than R100 instead of R30 local. For people who are coming from rural areas its not safe to go to Town early we become targets of cruel and ruthless people . Its a red bus with a Africa map

Nov 22, 2017

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