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A Nov 21, 2017 Review updated:

Tim rhoten's greed lost me plenty of $!!! Stay away!!! They are located at 3078 n. Elston in chicago, il. 60618.

Timothy a. Rhoten has limited knowledge about the real estate market!!! Please do yourself a favor and find someone who actually knows the market, and knows what they are talking about.

We almost lost the deal because of timothy's red carpet service. Red carpet realty? What a joke!!! My husband and I were repeatedly sent incorrect information from the get-go (A listing agreement for another house, emails detailing staging instructions intended for other sellers, or just called by the wrong names). But the tipping point was the day we were scheduled to review offers. We only got one, which I totally understand is not tim's fault; however, my husband and I were told that we had an enormous amount of traffic with offers being thrown "left and right". Well, where are they tim?? We asked tim if he had followed up with all of the "offers" that apparently we received and he just responded with, "no!" awesome, maybe we should do all of the work timmy?!

What happened next was what killed it for us. We told tim that we wanted to think about one offer overnight and would get back to him the next morning. We had still not physically seen the offer yet, tim had just verbally told us the price. He was fine with us waiting until the next day. Then I asked him when the offer expired and he said that he would check, and then get back to us. Ha! Well the offer expired that evening (2 hours from when we received it). Way to go, tim!!

In addition to having an extreme lack of real estate knowledge and a poor attention to detail, he gave us indication that he was not at either of the open houses we had scheduled on the one weekend our house was on the market. Please note that we had specifically told him that we only wanted him to show the house, and if he was not able to do that then we would completely understand and look elsewhere.

Do yourself a favor and find someone else!


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      Nov 07, 2018

    This is not any client of mine, read the review this person makes absolutely no sense. First of all I have only set up staging for one set of clients besides myself (I flip houses) and those clients were so happy because their penthouse at 1111 S Wabash Ave was listed with another agent for 2 years (fact check it) unit 3403 and once I listed it and convinced them to move out and stage the place we had a very solid offer which they accepted and it closed. It's unfortunate for boutique companies like mine who really suffer from jealous people who feel the need to make things up to hurt my business. I have a family to feed, and I really work hard to provide my clients all with the best quality service. Have I made mistakes of course, but the above review is completely made up. Be weary but at minimum please offer me the benefit of the doubt and meet with me. I look forward to working with you in the future, and am available for you 24/7 at [protected]

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