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Apex Alarm / Bait and Switch tactics

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During the summer of 2007, a very sly APEX alarm, door-to-door salesman came to our door and got us to sign up for an alarm system. We were told we could cancel at any time (which you can only if you pay out the contract or get someone to take it over). We were also told the system was the best around. We signed the contract not knowing we only had a 3 day cancellation period and the alarm stopped working on the second week. We called Apex alarm and they sent out a tech. He tried to fix the unit, but could not get it to talk to the cell phone tower very well. We were told the system may go offline and come back online sometimes. I told him that was not acceptable. He told me to call HQ. I procrastinated since it was working again. The alarm worked for another few days and broke again. We called Apex alarm and told them we want to cancel the service and they said we could not. We were also upset with the installation. They cracked the trim on our doors when mounting the door sensors. They declined to help in any way besides sending out another 'college kid' tech. We cancelled our bank account and they are now coming after us with collection services. I have been hung up on twice by collections department and one guy threatened they will take us to court if I do not pay the $1500 contract. This is ugly. We have filed with the BBB and are going public with our local news about the poor business practices APEX alarm follows. I hope everyone in this state knows not to let these people into their doors. They don't have a good product hence the 3-day cancellation term. DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR DOOR AND DO NOT GET A HOUSE ALARM FROM THEM! Get a dog or a gun. Otherwise, they will use any tactic to get you into a contract which you cannot terminate.

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  • Te
      11th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    We are in the same boat you are our power plug fried no one came to fix it. We tried to cancel but we got the same answers, We even had the collage kid drill into our master bedroom wall twice almost hitting a light switch when mounting the key pad in the kitchen he didnt even go look what was on the other side of the wall when he was drilling. I also found out that I have a 18 year old nephew who was selling these in the Bay Area in Cali and get this he made $145000.00 I'm not kidding. Family or not we feel this is the worst product we ever got (I wont say bought cause we would rather go to collections or court than pay for this) so please pease dont buy anything from apex.

  • Ke
      12th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    we are in NYC and a guy from this company came to our door today saying that we can get a free alarm if we allow them to put their sign up... We asked for a business card or some kind of paper work. He said the only paper work he can give us is a copy of the signed contact. I looked at him like he was crazy... I told my husband to tell him to hit the road quick fast... It sounded very fishy to me. I am on the net now looking up info and I have come across one bad report after the next. So thanks for reporting because we might have made the same mistake...

  • Ta
      13th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Hello, and thank you so much for sharing your comments about Apex. last night a college kid came to our door. he offered a free alarm system and free installation. I thought too good to be true. He said the 5 yr contract can be broken. He was giving alot of stuff just to put out the neon glow in the dark sign on our lawn. He also mentioned a tech was in our area right now who can install the system. Mind you this was now 9pm...on a weeknight. I started to ask questions about the monitoring system and field offices. he could not answer much. Also, he never mentioned the warranty time for the system. Also, there was a hidden fee we caught in the contract for installation charge for $99.00. he also said he can reduce the monthly fee of monitoring from $50 to $45 because it is a cell backup only. Needless to say, we decided to sleep on it. We did our research and glad we didn't sign. Thank You!

  • Ad
      17th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Well a young college age man from Utah of all places visited our home, in south Florida, prompting my wife to summon me to the front door. I spoke with him over a period of about 5 minutes grilling him on the most important aspects of an alarm system. He told me the contracts were 3 or 5 years depending upon the amount of equipment you had installed. By the way it was about 7:30 pm, and an installation tech was around the corner. The monthly monitoring fee was 39.99 plus tax. The equipment totalled in value around $1600.00. I then asked the most important question. How is this system going to keep someone out of my house and my belongings safe? "Well, sir...blah, blah, blah, blah and within minutes the police will be on scene." Here's the thing people. I've been in law enforcement for 18 years. I have on occassion shown up to a house where the burglar was either jumping out the window, slider, or still within the residence. The fact of the matter is, what I received the most was FALSE ALARMS. In many cities and counties after your third false alarm, the city will begin charging you, our city charges the homeowner $100 a pop for the false alarm. The alarms, cell backup and all are VERY easy to overcome. It's call a pliers. Anyhow, most burglars are folks with knowledge of the home, your childrens friends or the contractor that fixed your refrigerator. These are crimes of opportunity in many cases. Alarms are good in some instances. My advice, get yourself a single motion detecting box that plugs in and sits in your living room or bedroom while you are gone. Generally the thief is in and out in less than 3 minutes. That's enought time for the alarms company to call the house, call the house and call the house. Then they call the owners cellphone or neighbor. WHen those avenues are exhausted they call the police. They response time depends upon where you live. Our area is covered by a Sheriffs department which does show up, but not on a priority basis. The city I work for the average response time is 4 minutes from the dispatch of the call. Now that's about 7 minutes. 4 minutes too long for your belongings to get taken and disappear. Like the other person mentioned get a Dog.

  • Sa
      11th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I stupidly had my alarm changed over to Apex and really regret it.
    In November after Apex double billed my account I called and had them to remove the Arch payment from my account, and I would make my monthly payment. He removed the arch payment and the next month I received a statement to make my payment. Before I made my payment they again came in and took the payment out of my account. I called back and told them that I had the arch removed because they double billed my account and made two checks be returned and never refunded me my money. I was told that I could make my payment unless its through Arch. I called for 90-days hoping to get someone who would allow me to make my payment. I hollered at and hung up on. I decided to try again the beginning of March and was fortuate enough to get a CS Rep who took my whole back payment. When I tried to make the payment the following month I was told that the account was in collection and to get it out of collections I would have to give them an additional $200.00 and that the CS Rep that I spoke to in March told me this which is not true. I've been told that they can waive the $220.00, but have refused to. I've been calling the collection company, but have not gotten a return call.

    If you know any one who's thinking about going to Apex I advise they not too. they are true crooks.

  • Se
      17th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    FL - We have also had NUMEROUS problems with APX alarm from Utah. After the 30 day cancellation period they have tried to charge us for initial problems and have been blatantly nonresponsive. It’s like they really don’t care about reputation, they’re just making what they can not and getting out.

    I recently purchased a house with their alarm and I'm researching if we have to honor the contract.

  • Lb
      25th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am appalled by APX alarm (I am serviced by a dealer, Security Associates International.) Their customer service reps will literally argue with you and talk over you on the phone. I've been under contract for a year and a half, with a wireless transmitter. The security system has not been working properly (literally goes off in the middle of the night for no reason) and I have been on hold over 2 hours trying to get to a technician for telephone support. Finally gave up, then a few months later rec'd a letter that my transmitter was no longer supported by the FCC and requires a $199 upgrade to continue. APX should allow customers to get out of their contract if their product requires a huge upgrade mid-contract. Instead, I'm being held hostage for the $199 PLUS the monthly payments for the rest of the contract. $50 a month!!! do NOT use this vendor

  • Li
      1st of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    These people are the worst I have ever encountered. Everything you all have said is so true and lucky for you all you have not had your home buglarized as I did 2 months after switching to this company. After speaking to a rep from ADT inquiring about the workings of a security since no one at APEX seems to know. There ony concern is trying to sell me a cellular unit. She confirmed that their monitoring center should have receoved a signal that the phone line at my house had been disrupted. The reps at APEX conends that if the landline is disconnected they have no way of knowing that. If that is the case them what is the purpose of a home security system. I am really confused! They did however receive a "no signal detected" message but I was never alerted perhaps this was at the time my house being burglarized! Please..if anyone has any information that can be shed on this please post it. I plan on retaining an attorney because something has to be done abut these crooks. They send the young mormon boys claiming to love Jesus all the while they are setting us up for 3 years of pure hell. Somewhere Jesus does not reside!!

  • Ev
      2nd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    Like the previous writers. Two weeks ago, my neighbor was hit with this group. I and 3 other households signed up for a 60 month contract at $39.99. Now we find out that we could have the same system for $11.99. I don't know who, which, what or where, is correct. Sounds like we have been taken as well. I have tried calling the company in Provost, Utah andthey say their people are legitamate...and do not sell contracts for $11.99.

  • Ma
      8th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    We had the typical agressive, door-to-door sales rep and was so pushy. My husband and I were not sure about it and were planning on deciding by the end of the month. As it turned out, the company checked our CREDIT without our consent. We will file with the BBB and see if we can get that inquiry removed off of our credit reports. It makes me think twice about opening the door to the sales people now.
    I called their 1800 number and they could not give me a local phone number to complain to.

  • Me
      14th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I will never recommend Apex to anyone. They are slick and shady to work with. We didn't realize that by stupidly signing the three year contract that would could actually be in for another year since we didn't cancel our service 30 days before the end of the contract. This means that we are in for another year with this shady company. I called to cancel 2 weeks before the end of our contract and the customer service rep. said just fax a cancellation request and not to worry about he 30 days. Meanwhile, thinking everything was only and the book was closed with these folks, we got another alarm service. Now we are stuck with 2 contracts for the next year unless I can somehow figure out how to get out of the contract. Any suggestions? Read the fine print on your contract so you don't get stuck like us!

  • Ja
      18th of Aug, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Whether it's an alarm system, gym membership, record label, or car dealership, a contract is a contract. Why would you sign anything without thoroughly reading through it? It seems pretty irresponsible and immature for you all to blame a college kid trying to pay off their student loans for your lack of sensibility regarding a legal document. Every company/sales rep in any industry will go to great lengths to make a sale. Most, if not all, will have mistakes and hiccups with the product and service. The fact that this company is the fastest growing in its industry and has won awards for its customer service shows that the problem isn't so much with them as it is with you. Shape up and take responsibility for YOUR actions!

  • So
      19th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Apparantly they came to the door trying to sell my wife an alarm system. The misrepresented it, and she eventually told them to go pound sand, but they pulled my credit reports without my permission. That's a violation of federal law, and I am pursuing that right this minute. So from my limited dealings with this despicable company, I can say that they have no problem violating federal laws.

  • Ji
      24th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    i made the mistake of letting a sales man for apex in my house.then i made another mistake i gave him my credit card but, i told him i didn't want it at the last second.i hope he didn't get me for my credit card number.He was also very upset about that.

  • Jo
      28th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I live in Roanoke, VA. I purchased an alarm from these crooks last May. I was told that Apx was associated with ADT Alarm Service. That was a lie. The salesperson won't return my calls. Does anyone know how to terminate there contract?

  • Ma
      4th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    We had a similar situaton. The Sales Associate was a fine young man, and the tech Heston did a great job installing the system. The problem began the first night. When I went to set the alarm up one of the sensors did not function. I bypassed that and during the next two hours the system shorted out. I called in the middle of the night, and was told to contact the support system the next day, which I did. A tech was scheduled for monday, but then later in the day, the support center called to reschedule. I faxed the cancellation notice in and received my confirmation. Here is the bad thing: Had I waited for the tech to come. I would have been past my three day cancellation period. I truly believe this was a tactic to lock me in. I am still waiting for the refund on the initial deposit and first month's monitoring service. It is ironic to me that in attempting to safeguard my family, I actually invited the robbers into my house. I am also very dissapointed in the two young men, who I believe to be of good character.

    Do not buy an alarm system from APX

  • Jo
      12th of Sep, 2008
    -2 Votes

    Have had an Apex Alarm system for over a year now. Service has been fine. Installation was fine. Just because some people can't be bothered to educate themselves on a contract doesn't make an evil company.

  • Ly
      23rd of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I got scammed into purchasing an alarm system from Apex. When i got divorced we sold the house and the new owners agreed to take over the alarm contract.
    This was verified thru the alarm company. The new owners took it over and now some eight months later im getting calls from the collection company. Some absolute idiot named Justin does nothing but talk down and treat me like crap. I wouldnt recommend this company to anyone. A class action law suite filed against this company hopefully shutting them down would be the right answer for everyone. We could then have an alarm installed and serviced by a reputable company.

  • Mi
      21st of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I like the response from this person:
    245 days ago by James
    "Whether it's an alarm system, gym membership, record label, or car dealership, a contract is a contract."
    You are 100% correct. The only problem is, these people are requested to be licensed in sales and installment of the system. If they are not, the contract is voidable. So yes, a contract is a contract but the LAW is the Learn your facts before you try to lecture people on contractual laws. Obviously you have no knowledge in any aspect of what you are leading people into believing you do.
    As for the people who signed up with APX...look into breaking these contracts based on the unlicensing part. APX is well known to use them and this alone would make the contract no good. Also, some of their installations are not to code...another violation. How do I know all this? They installed the system, messed my phone wiring up, I called AT&T repair, they came out and saw it, told me about the crap work and illegal job done, I notified the code enforcement in my county and then was directed with the county sheriff's office where i found out they are wanted for illegal sales and installations. Then if they try to get collections involved, mention that you will sue them in federal courts for harrassment etc...They will go away quickly.

  • Sa
      27th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    We just had a shady young man invite himself in and couldn't show us a business card, I asked to see his license and he wouldn’t take it out of his folder. He tried to act so nice, but I could tell he was full of it. I told him I was unemployed and we didn't want service at this time. He said fine, if you can't afford a dollar a deal or basically a meal then it's our loss. He was a sweet talking punk and wasted our time and we finally asked him to leave. I wish I would have never answered the door.

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