AnswersByacer subcontractor tech support / poor quality technical support and sneaky service charge

I was having blue screen of death issues with Acer Laptop and reinstalled windows back in April. Called in to Answersby tech support because laptop is out of warranty and the sales guy assured they can fix it promptly and sold me a two year service contract for US $ 239.99.

I trusted their salespitch but after 15 mins phone support of telling me to keep pressing F2 key over and over again and other function keys, I did not have any confidence they can resolve this promptly as promised in the salespitch.

The "senior tech support" asked me to reinstall Windows and will send usb stick to reinstall which I already did, and that did not work.

We decided to cancel the service right away and asked for a refund. A supervisor was summoned on the call after we complained and he explained someone in customer service will phone us back. The next day, they refunded only $140 and insisted their terms and conditions stated that I need to pay the $99.99 for one time call which was not clearly explained in the sales pitch. And of course this was not clarified before I accepted service over the phone. I was not given any opportunity at all or any time to read and fully understand the nine (9) page document with 3, 939 words as well as their cancellation policy.

I believe this business practice is a sneaky way of overcharging customers who are anxious to get their computer issues resolved. Aside from the poor quality service, it seems they are hiding behind terms and conditions to impose this unreasonable hidden fee.

Brand name companies such as Acer should be standing behind their out-of-warranty service support subcontractor companies such as Answersby. If customer is dissatisfied, they need to listen and not be sneaky in charging $ 99.99 for substandard 15 mins tech support with no hands on support or service centres.

Personally, I do not mind the one time fee if it was fixed. If they have local service centre technician that offers hands on technical support then that amount may be a fair price.

  • Updated by Jeulee May, Jun 08, 2018

    I have called them many times since May 2018, and no response from customer service to process full refund.

Jun 08, 2018

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