Super disappointed in this company! Horrible customer service. Although I like using the software, I was disappointed to find they were charging me a monthly fee. I use the product like twice a year to produce presentations, but I don't need to access the program an entire year.

It looks like I must have entered in automatic renewal on the website when I paid. I had no idea they were charging me throughout the year each month. I emailed requesting them to analyze my usage and requested a refund. They told me they sent emails (which I never got... maybe it went to junk?) each month.

In the end, I figured it was a mistake so I guess I don't get a refund... BUT here is where it gets better. It's August 26 when I reported it, then they said, "Sorry your monthly subscription has to be canceled AFTER this month because it was already withdrawn. But we can allow you access to our Premium for a month." Are you kidding me?!?!? Refund me the money! I do not understand how they can charge me for the September renewal when I clearly requested for this to STOP on August 26. I have the email strand, so I would assume I could legally go after them for making me pay for a service that I clearly refused in an email on August 26.

Aug 28, 2018

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