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personal information stolen

Someone (a hacker) was able to snag my personal information I used for this app account and put it on the dark web. I am now dealing with all sorts of fraud issues. SO THANK YOU for that! :( Why did you allow my personal information to be sold or sent out at all? That is horrible. This has been awful and I wish you had a phone number so I could speak to someone about how to permanently close my app account with you. Terrible.

Edit: I'm trying to just submit this and now you guys want me to "sign up" with my name and email. Are you kidding me? More information for you to go sell to the trolls? Thanks.


Super disappointed in this company! Horrible customer service. Although I like using the software, I was disappointed to find they were charging me a monthly fee. I use the product like twice a year to produce presentations, but I don't need to access the program an entire year.

It looks like I must have entered in automatic renewal on the website when I paid. I had no idea they were charging me throughout the year each month. I emailed requesting them to analyze my usage and requested a refund. They told me they sent emails (which I never got... maybe it went to junk?) each month.

In the end, I figured it was a mistake so I guess I don't get a refund... BUT here is where it gets better. It's August 26 when I reported it, then they said, "Sorry your monthly subscription has to be canceled AFTER this month because it was already withdrawn. But we can allow you access to our Premium for a month." Are you kidding me?!?!? Refund me the money! I do not understand how they can charge me for the September renewal when I clearly requested for this to STOP on August 26. I have the email strand, so I would assume I could legally go after them for making me pay for a service that I clearly refused in an email on August 26.

No support

I have signed up for this website Animoto and paid for business account. I had an issue and contacted customer service to get some help but they ignored me! Terrible site and horrible service. I do not understand why are they ignoring me? I'm a business account user and they can't find few minutes to reply to my messages, that's absolutely ridiculous! I usually don't write reviews but these people made me mad! The worst service ever!

The company took money without my notice for the free trial

I got any advice from my friend, who offered me to use the video converter of the company Animoto Inc. He told me that it was easy to try it and the company offered trials. I decided to try, because our company needed something new and would improve our advertisements. I have entered my credit cards details and got the free trial. But I cancelled it 4 days later. And to my surprise the company has charged me for this trial as well. I want to stop any further charges.

They cancelled subscription with the delay

I have signed up for the subscription on the website I paid for a month subscription, but I haven’t used the website and this subscription very often. After several tries, I haven’t cancelled the subscription. I contacted the owners and asked to stop the subscription, but they have done it only 3 weeks. It was too late and I wasn’t satisfied with such services. Beware, people!!!

They asked to pay for the first month, but it must be for free

I joined the website for free for one month. When the trail was over, I thought about the...

Nothing done after my payment

I needed to create videos for my business, and my friend advised me to visit the website This website offered different plans for the creation of the videos. I needed to pay $35 per month, and I would receive different options. I sent them the request and transferred money, but they provided me nothing. I sent email, but no response from them.Please leave comments if you had the same situation as I had.

  • Updated by Phil Long · Sep 24, 2018

    also, the phone # they list is missing a digit so you cant reach them . 1-415-73?-8052

  • Ph
    Phil Long Oct 02, 2018

    I STRONGLY cannot recommend Animoto. Some of the music they claim is safe to use will get you kicked off of Youtube for copyright claims! BIG TROUBLE!!! I have clients that have paid for videos they now cannot view on Youtube... Tried to get in touch with Animoto cust. luck...wont call me back... NOT GOOD BUSINESS...

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