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I ordered dress from the website, and I wasn’t happy about it. I received the dress, which didn’t look as on the website. I thought that it cost one price, but these scammers charged me for completely different price. I tried to reach them and return money back, but of course they refused and started to avoid me at all. These people are scammers and liars, who take money and provide wrong orders. Please post your comments about this company.

Jul 27, 2014
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  • Va
      Sep 30, 2014


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  • Na
      Oct 02, 2014

    My mother (New Zealand resident) ordered a dress and coat from Angela Mall after having her measurements verified by a qualified local dressmaker (in addition she is a standard size and the measurements tied in with the charts Angela Mall provide on their website). When the dress and coat arrived - the dress is 5 inches / 13 centimetres TOO SMALL across the shoulder measurement and the coat sleeves 2 and a half inches too small. Consequently the dress and coat are about 2 sizes too small. My mother sent Angela Mall photos of the discrepancies, proof of her order and ABSOLUTELY NO AMOUNT OF CONTACT with them will get them to honour their mistake. In addition the seams on the coat are skew and there are a few other problems with the dress and the coat. My mother wanted something special to wear for my daughter's wedding and is now out of pocket as well as having no outfit to wear. They also do not seem to care that she is a senior citizen and this waste of money has affected her. A very stressful and disappointing experience. I would recommend to anyone considering an online purchase from Angela Mall to absolutely STAY AWAY!

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  • Tr
      Oct 13, 2014

    DO NOT USE!!! $170AUD to receive a terrible dress! poor workman ship and terrible customer service. Dress was nothing like the image advertised, completely different details of beading, in which was sewn here there and everywhere not to any sort of design reference. all beading was loose. Hems were not sewed. Loose threads. Sewing not straight. Wrong sizing. Poor quality Fabrics. I'm in the midst of attempting a refund but no luck yet. DO NOT USE DO NOT USE!!!

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  • Ar
      Oct 21, 2014

    The dress from was discusting, very poor quality and unprofessional sawing. when i told them that they refuse to return the dress and only offer me 5% . the custemer service are very rude too. i have saved all their emails.

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  • Va
      Oct 21, 2014

    i bought a dress from this site for my doughters formal. when the dress arrived i was very dissappointed with the quality and sawing. The dress was completely different from the website. sawing was very bad, beading was different from the picture. i emailed them and asked what can we do. the costemer service send me an email and told me that can not refund the dress. i send them the photos and 10-more emails so they can get back to me but never received their respose. i strongly recommend not to use this site as you are loosing the money. STAY WAY FROM THIS SITE .

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  • Sw
      Dec 19, 2014

    The worst dresses ever ...and customer service is abysmal. They ask stupid, UNRELATED QUESTIONS TO FOB CONSUMER OFF! I have disputed credit card via bank. Sent photo after photo of a dress that dips in one side of skirt and out the other. Looks absolutely nothing like the website dress even plastic type lace fabric (cheap) used. Each response is a different person that seems to be unaware of previous emails and fails to see the problem!!!Dresses completely unwearable. This has to be the biggest con ever!!!
    DON'T USE THIS SITE!!! IT IS A CON!!! I did send dresses back to the Company despite the Company NOT giving me a return number and requesting for it repeatedly. My lodgement of dispute with bank was successful and the funds were reimbursed because the dresses were so obviously rubbish and because of the non-constomer service!!!

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  • Sr
      Jan 01, 2015

    All the above comments apply to my experience with this Shonky Outfit. Time for them to be closed down !!!

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  • Ma
      Feb 24, 2015

    I was excited when I received the parcel. But when I unwrapped it, many diamond embellishments dropped to the floor. The diamonds of the grid pattern were loose and fell off easily, exposing the empty pods that held them. Worse of all, the zipper got stuck at the waist and could not be zipped all the way up no matter how hard I tried. The colour and overall look was very different to the one shown online. It was not wearable to a wedding and I had to find a replacement dress at the last minute.

    I emailed angelamall, told them what happened and sent lots of pictures. They did not allow for a return and only said they would refund 5% of the dress cost which worked out to be $7.50. I can't even buy a zipper with that let alone change it! What a terrible experience. I would never buy from this site again and would not recommend it.

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  • Ra
      Apr 15, 2015

    You do not know how to make dresses, and I think you should stop as you have MANY complaints, and do not refund for poorly made dresses. You should be ashamed of yourselves for what you do to women around the country!

    I had to laugh because it was SO BAD! Otherwise I was going to cry...why make bad dresses, just don't make them if you don't know how too!

    Cannot believe I was scammed...I was planning a wedding, and looking for bridesmaid dresses, and they chat ladies were lovely, but I didn't know they didn't give a damn about me they just said what I wanted to hear... shame on them.

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  • Ri
      Apr 26, 2015

    I too brought a dress from this company. I ordered the dress in champagne and it came back pink. I emailed them and they told me i was the right colour. I pointed out to them that champagne was an ivory colour and on the bottom row of their colour chart and the colour I received was pink and on the top row but to no avail.They offered me 15% refund which was about $30 on a $250 dress that I can't wear. My personal favourite reply to my many emails was that if they refunded all my money or replaced the dress that would loose money and that wasn't fair to them. I even offered to return the dress to them at my own expense when they sent the correct dress but that fell on deaf ears. Once this company gets your money and you sign for the dress tough luck because they know you can't do much about it. That's why the don't use PayPal otherwise we could get our money back. Please people don't use this company you'll end up broke and heartbroken.

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  • Ar
      Aug 23, 2015

    My dress came several sizes larger even though I sent my correct measurement. I sent them the photographs where the neckline too was too large and falling off my shoulders. After several emails they said that I sent the wrong sizes. I then got a copy of my original invoice with the measurements and sent as proof. they are now offering 10% "compensation" - for their mistake? The dress itself is poorly tailored, the hem has been left undone! Stiches coming out...nothing like the dress on the ad. Their customer services sound very unfriendly, not accepting their mistake. However, pre ordering the online chat service (staff) appear to be very friendly and helpful and assure you with good services. With so many complaints this company needs to be reported and action taken. I need 100% refund. I wish I read all these complaints before, I would not have ordered.

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  • Ja
      Oct 08, 2015

    All of the comments are 100% accurate. The dress arrived and had several large obvious stains on the front making the dress completely unwearable. When I contacted them they consistently ignored my emails, rudely replied, and refused to help in any way. I offered to have it dry-cleaned which did not remove the stains. They would not pay for the dry-cleaning because it was "on a handwritten receipt", then when the dry-cleaning was unsuccessful they offered me a 5% refund on the dress - the dress cost over $200!!! They have STOLEN MY MONEY and CHEATED ME. Please DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE. The fabric is cheap and nasty and does not look at all like it does in the picture. The beads were falling off. When I contacted them about the stain, they initialy replied "can you just keep it and forget about the subtle error of the dress, since all dresses are hand-made, it is inevitable that some tiny mistakes will be made during the process of tailoring". LARGE STAINS they are describing as "tiny mistakes". DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

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  • Th
      Feb 25, 2016

    I also ordered a dress for my daughters wedding. I am a seamstress myself and know how to measure, but this time I thought I was going to treat myself. The "custom made" dress came in one week. It was way too big and looked like a sack of potatoes on me. It does not look at all like in the picture and is in fact horrible. I have been contacting them consistently to resolve the issue, but there is not reply. I will be reporting them to the consumer board if I do not get any response within the next week as this is just not the way it should be done...

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  • Ja
      Apr 10, 2016

    We bought 3 of these dresses in custom sizing, based on the reviews on this site. None of them fit properly. Mine was at least 2 sizes too big and looked disgusting. It cost a staggering $220 to get fixed! It was a complete disaster, a $156 dress that ended up costing $376!

    When I contacted them, they kept saying they had made it correctly, and that it was my fault. They kept asking for photos, which I sent, and trying to weasel out of taking responsibility. The customer service was hideous.

    In the end, they offered me a 5% refund, or $7.50. Are you f*ing kidding! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! YOU WILL BE SORRY

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