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I'm contacting you on behalf of a relative, Gloria Borchard, who lives in Riverside, and is currently out of town, and does not have her phone with her. She recently rolled her car. It was virtually destroyed, including a bent frame. The police towed it to their lot, and sent me to the hospital. She called her insurance company, Anchor, for several days. There was NEVER a live person answering the phone--just a message asking her to leave a message. She left several messages over several days, and it took over a week for someone to get back to her. They sent an illegal /unlicensed towing truck to get my her car, which the police refused to allow to tow it. A few days later, she got a call from someone at the agency stating that her car had been towed, and it would take 7-9 days for them to go over it. She informed them that she had just talked with the police lot, and her car had definitely not been towed. The response to this was that, "Oh, well, it will be towed by 4:00 p.m. today." I believe that there have been numerous complaints about this company. Why do they not answer the phone personally? Why do they not respond to voicemail messages in a timely manner? Why was an unlicensed tow truck sent to get the car. With any other (reputable) insurance company, this would have been settled already. Can you contact this firm, and see to it that they expedite, well at this point expedite is hardly the word, take care of this matter immediately?

Dec 28, 2015

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