AN & Associates at 3200 North America Drive, West Seneca, NY. 14224two fantacy wireless phone chargers

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I ordered two Fantasy wireless I- phone chargers from AN & Associates in December 2017. I was sent no paperwork or invoice with the order.See Top 10 Worst Companies in West Seneca, NYI don't even have a e-maillot address fir them. I cannot get them to work because this company failed to include a major part that helps the charger to work. This is the receiving card. I want a total refund of $30.00.

Dec 26, 2017
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  • Ro
      Dec 27, 2017

    Did not receive a complete order. The item does not work. There was no paperwork, therefore, no place to call or email. I will just let American Express handle this.

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  • Kk
      Feb 13, 2018

    AN Associate is a total scam! I ordered 2 eternity diamond rings & one ring was missing a diamond & the other ring was totally the wrong size. There was no invoice in the package, nor a phone number or email to reach them. I want to send these 2 crappy rings back & get a total refund!!!

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  • Wa
      Feb 23, 2018

    I ordered the i7-DWS wireless head phones, received no invoice or contact information of the company. I can not pair both earbuds together, either one or the other one works. Very Disappointed. Candy W.

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  • De
      Mar 27, 2018

    Want to send back a 10 package of make up brushes. Don’t like them. Pam Derner

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  • Ja
      Apr 18, 2018

     I order a. GPS Kids Tracker Smart Wristwatch, blue.  And received something totally not what I order??

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  • To
      Apr 26, 2018

    this company sure is a joke...I ordered something that looks nothing like the not gonna go thru the trouble trying to return the item...

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  • Sy
      May 02, 2018

    Jacks seeds another scam...

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  • Ro
      May 10, 2018

    I purchased 2 USBs for use with our cell phones. The instructions stated to "click MORE on the bottom right. Then click SHARE.

    There is no SHARE list to be able to click on.

    I need to know how to get a real live person.
    I am not satisfied/happy with this issues and would like a resolution immediately.

    Robin Gillotti

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  • Pb
      Jul 06, 2018

    @Robin Fisher Gillotti I have same problem. I downloaded the File Manager. and that doesn't seem to work either???

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  • Sy
      May 10, 2018

    I’m reporting to the BBB and filing a police report...

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  • Di
      May 15, 2018

    I just received my mother and daughter necklace and it is in a knot I cannot get it out it is cheap it is not what I expected and I do not like it

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  • Ha
      May 19, 2018

    i am going through my credit card for a refund of the earbuds not recieved/ this company is a scam

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  • Ji
      May 21, 2018

    I ordered a 32 gig Android flash drive to download pics off my phone and onto my computer easily. Paid $38. Received 8 gig regular flash drive you can buy at the store for $5. Same as everyone else, only have the An & Assoc. 3200 N. America, NY address, no instructions, no return information, etc. Not sure how this company can remain doing business with all these scams going on...and for their business to be shared constantly...why are people sharing it if they don't know whether the business is legit or not!? I hate that!

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  • Ro
      May 23, 2018

    I had ordered and paid for in good faith an Android Flash Drive of 32GB in gold. The item will NOT fit the Android phone. Where and to whom do I send it for a refund?

    Rosemary Bero
    6358 Cortland Rd
    Alum Bank PA [protected]

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  • An
      Jun 08, 2018

    THE MAGNETIC TOURMALINE THERMAL SELF-HEATING NECK PAD (2 PACK) is not large enough and does not work.
    How do I return them for a refund??

    CINCINNATI, OH 45215

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  • Ma
      Jun 23, 2018

    Ordered and received the solar bird bath pump. Two pieces missing and cannot assemble or use the product.

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  • Dr
      Jul 24, 2018

    I think it is a joke really I order "Fantasy wireless charger" box is open
    nothing in there except the chargers only and the wire. No instruction nothing box is open.
    the first first I shop in on line and this is what I got? how can I use it? not complete? its truly a JOKE just took the money that I work so hard for it. Missing some parts that i can't charge my Iphone

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  • Je
      Jul 28, 2018

    I ordered 4 Fantasy IPhone Chargers they don't work. No one to return to.

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  • Ju
      Aug 21, 2018

    I received a childs gps tracking watch yesterday with a broken band. How should I exchange and get one that isn't broken? Julie Moore, 203 Comanche Drive, Houma, LA 70360 [protected]

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  • Jo
      Aug 26, 2018

    Ordered 4 pack of ios wireless chargers. None f them work. I emailed they want video or picture proof to return. Horrible experience. No one to call. Ripoff website: and AN & Associates are both scam artists. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

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  • Ga
      Sep 05, 2018

    Ordered 3 Solar Pest repellent on July 12, 2018 --after complaining and never getting a confirmation or shipping info, one item of three was delivered on 9/4/2018. When I complained was told item was shipped as ordered. $38 for one item??? paid that amount for three items not one--total SCAM!!!

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  • Gl
      Sep 17, 2018

    Has anyone on here received a reply or restitution for the company's error? I have a similar problem but can't find any way to contact the company to exchange it. Gloria Jasieniecki, West Hartford CT

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  • Ju
      Oct 17, 2018

    @Gloria Jasieniecki Good Luck, I ordered 2 Childs GPS tracker watches, they say it syncs with the parents Iphone or Android, but they don't tell you it doesn't work with certain services such as Sprint, and Verizon. I have emailed, text 4-5 times, they WILL NOT answer me. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE. TOTAL SCAM.

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  • Ka
      Sep 28, 2018

    I am returning the I7 TWS WirelessEarbuds V4.2+DER I ordered on line. Not the quality I wanted and could only pair 1 to my iPhone. There was no invoice for returning this item. Please let me know how and where you want them shipped to for a full refund. Unhappy customer from Indiana😪

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  • Ra
      Dec 01, 2018

    I ordered compression socks and I would like to return, I need smaller size, how I can return?

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  • Pe
      Dec 13, 2018

    I ordered an 8 gb flash and received an empty box and no invoice. I want a refund. I still have a 64 gb on order and if it arrives with an empty box I will contact the BBB.

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  • Fr
      Dec 27, 2018

    Ordered OS Ear Buds from this company through an ad on FaceBook. Never received the item. Filed for a refund after trying to contact the company several times. Company is a joke and probably a scam. Rating should be less than 1 star. Company should be shut down for fraud.

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  • Ro
      Jan 08, 2019

    Many weeks ago I ordered a "Solar Wind Chime Light" which finally arrived yesterday in 5 broken pieces. The shipment container was a plastic bag which was totally inadequate. I am totally dissatisfied and feel that this company is a joke.

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  • Pa
      Jan 10, 2019

    I ordered what was called a "Warm Jacket". Well first of all it took so long to come. When it finally arrived, it wasn't warm at all and it was way to small. I am 5'1" tall and 105 lbs. I ordered a small it was so tight on me. So it doesn't run true to size. Also, there was no packing slip or any information about returning it. I have been trying to return it. I have sent emails to the email that sent me the order confirmation and then after several emails back and forth they asked me for the website I ordered it from. Are you kidding me??? Don't they know. They sold it too me. Anyway, they gave me another email address and after several emails back and forth, they finally answered my question about how to return it. They gave me the following address: Attn: Best Deals - For Refund/Replacement (Order #...), SHIPPING DEPARTMENT, 3200 North America Drive, West Seneca, NY 14224 US. I'm not sure I want to return it though. I'm really afraid that once I ship it back, they won't credit my card. I may just donate the coat to a homeless shelter. Not sure what to do. Any suggestions??

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  • Ka
      Jan 14, 2019

    I received a duplicate order of the 'knitting lamps". The first one was ordered October 31 but was not received until January. I want to return this second order and receive credit on my credit card. Where do I send this package and will the credit be put on my card? Thank you.
    Kay McKinney
    7316 Lesley Ave.
    Indianapolis, IN 46250

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  • Oh
      Jan 24, 2019

    I recieved the product that I ordered but the usb line that has the camera on it will not connect to my phone I need to know where I need to send this back to for a refund.

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  • Ed
      Jan 25, 2019

    Hello.I ordered a BT Hands free Car Charger.I was unable to make this work in my c ar.The advertisement said that that i would be able to attach the devise to the cars cigerette lighter and through bluetooth, send a phone call to m
    y cars audio system.When i did insert the charger to my cars cigerette lighter, it was supposed to send the call to a station which i cannot get on my cars audio system.According to the instructions, the devise automatically pairs the signal to the car.Anyway, the box did not come with a line in cable.

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  • Fe
      Apr 03, 2019

    Do not EVER do business with this company. I received a damaged item. I contacted the company, which at that time offered a replacement if I would send them pictures of the damage. I did this. It was an umbrella and the handle broke off my hand as I was removing it from the box. Now that I sent pictures of the damaged, unusable item, they are not offering a replacement are want me to pay the cost of shipping the item back to them and they will issue a refund, not including the return shipping costs. What a joke this company is. I will be escalating this transaction to Pay Pal for resolution.

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