Amigo Energyscam artists

I was one of NPC customers when they went out of business. I never received notice of any transfer, NOTHING. I made my usual payment thinking they were just late sending the bill. We left TX in August and after our move we received a $700 bill from Amigo for 2 mo...yes, 2 mo of power usage. I called and asked what the bill was for since I never signed up for service with them. They told me that NPC shut down and they took over their accounts...I was told they sent me an email letting me know. An email? Wtf? I never got an email from them... they said that they'd reduce the bill from $700 to $500 which is still insane. I agreed to pay it just to be done with them. They were told to send a revised bill with the adjustment to my WA address...which I never got. My mother in CA just received a notice via forwarded mail that I'm being sent to collections for the full amount. It's total bs. Did I mention the 45+min wait times to have your call answered? When it is finally answered...good luck talking to someone who speaks or understands english. I never got my money refunded from NCP either for the overpayment on the account with them. Amigo energy is a horrible company that I never would have done business with had I been given a choice. They're the worst I've ever seen...or heard of. Amigo is definitely NOT my amigo.


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