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Ameriprise Financial / withdrawing from annuities

1 Minneapolis, MN, United States
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I have a 95 year old blind mother that has 4 annuities with RiverSource. Mom wants to make withdrawals from these annuities. I called Riversource to set up a withdrawal and was told they needed to talk to mom. I explained that mom was 95 and blind but that she could verify that it was ok to talk to me. At that point I handed the phone to mom and the first question the representative asked her was to give them the 13 digit account number!! Mom handed me the phone and when I told the representative that I had already provided that information she said that was not sufficient and my blind mom would somehow have to read them the number!! That would not work so we decided to complete an attorney in fact authorization. I have submitted a notarized attorney in fact authorization signed by my mom. Riversource acknowledges receipt of that authorization and acknowledges that it provides full authority including withdrawals and online access. I tried to help mom add two external bank accounts so she could withdraw funds. Unfortunately I made an error on one of the account numbers and the online account was locked. I called Ameriprise (Riversource) and was told that only mom could unlock online access. I live several hundred miles away from mom and for over an hour tried to explain that mom was 95 and blind and has no way to call or to answer any of the questions that they would need answered. On the other hand I am an attorney in fact and have all passwords etc etc. After an hour of being transferred back and forth from customer service to web support and back again I finally asked to be transferred to someone who spoke fluent English. I was transferred and even though the person that answered understood the issue offered no assistance other than to try a three way call to my mom who does not answer the phone. He acknowledged that the attorney in fact (that was sent to me by Ameriprise) gives full authority to make any withdrawal and online access but he would not authorize unlocking the account. He further stated that he had checked with their general counsel and was told that he could not unlock it. It makes zero sense that I can call and authorize a full withdrawal and access her accounts online but I can't unlock online access.. Seven members of our family have investments with Ameriprise/Riversource and, when tax consequences permit, all accounts will be closed.

Feb 9, 2018

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