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[Resolved] Americas Best Value Inn & Suites / safety

1 Belvidere, IL, United States

I have never had such a horrible experience with a hotel in my life. This past Saturday, My boyfriend, two of my girlfriends, and I, stayed at your Hotel in Belvidere. We reserved two rooms, one for my boyfriend and I, and one for the two girls. After our outing that evening, we returned to the hotel and hung out for a little while in room 221 together. While we were outside smoking a cigarette together, we a strange man pacing outside of room 217 (our other room). He then pulled out keys and entered room 217, removed our belongings that we had placed the outside the door. We immediately told him that was our room, but he replied (very drunkenly) that he needed somewhere to stay because he was fighting with his wife (whom he lived with at the hotel in the next room-219). He said that he worked there and had keys to all of the rooms. He said he could go in whichever room he pleased. We again told him that is not okay and that we paid for that room. He then pulled the belongings back in the room and continued to stay in there.
We then left and decided to go to the front desk to get help with this situation. The front office was locked with a sign that said, "be back in 5 minutes." We waited more than five minutes and realized that no one was coming back. Scared, because he was still in our room, we decided to call the non-emergency police. They decided it was an emergency and sent multiple officers over. They confronted the man, and he began screaming at the police. After they calmed him down, took our story and accounts of the situation, they took away his keys and sent him to his room/home.
After the police left, we had the girls stay in room 221 with us and left 217 vacant due to fear of strange men the morning, as we emptied our room to depart, the man from the night before was on the balcony watching our every move and following us around. We then went to check out and explain the situation to the woman at the front desk.
The lady who checked us in the day before was there Sunday morning to check us out. As I gave her the keys, she says in an accusatory tone "what is this I hear about you calling the police? Why would you do that?" Now, I am enraged. We begin to explain what this employee did; she tried to defend him the whole time. Apparently, this employee (named Bryan) had told her a bunch of lies before we even got there. He said we had 20 people up there and that he was emptying garbage at 3 am? We told her we were happy to call the police back to confirm our story, situation, and amount of people that were there. The woman continued to say, "well maybe he was drinking..." That should not be an excuse. While we are arguing with her, Bryan (the intruder) barges into the office and starts to yell at us in front of the lady, she does nothing. He tells us to, "get the [censored] out of there," and that "we are never [censored]ing staying here again." Still the lady does nothing. He finally storms out after more verbal harassment and she says, she will be taking his keys after he is done "cleaning." I ask for the minimum of at least the room we weren't able to be use to be refunded. She said she couldn't because we paid online and that she would talk to her manager. I still have seen nothing, that employee still works there, and I am so upset I can barely contain it. This is seriously concerning and I hope you can fix this.

This is far more concerning than the condition of the hotel room (blood stained mattresses, run down everything, foggy water etc.).

  • Resolution statement

    The owner took full responsibility for the situation and issued us a full refund. He removed the individual that was posing as a threat and said he will not be welcome back on the premises. He also comped us a free stay with him next time we are in that area. He was very respectful, empathetic, and understanding. I feel much better.

Sep 17, 2018

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