American National Credit IncBoost my credit

Samin Siavoshian and Farhad Faramarzian told me that they WOULD Fic my Credit and Give me couple Tradelines to boost my credit but I NEVER got ANY RESULT !!! -- OLD TRADELINE which they never did !!! ---- I recently purchased 2 tradelines from Joshua Evans and never received my tradelines from this individual Tradelines from this individual and he never delivered the services.. AMERICAN NATIONAL CREDIT, SAMIN SIAVOSHIAN Lied about credit repair charged credit card, HAS NO OFFICE OR STAFF ! San Diego California on or around Nov 2014 !!! Samin Told me “We also have Primary Trade lines: he is price and detail of our trade lines: Installment $4, 500 ( line with 7 years history and credit line over $20, 000 ) Auto $3, 000 ( line with 2 years history and $10, 000) Mortgage $8, 000 ( adding a mortgage line to your report that is PAID off) I bought 2 Tradelines from Samin Siavoshi he never delivered the services.. !!

American National Credit Inc

Jan 18, 2015

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