American National CreditHe never fived my credit and never gave me the tradliens that i paid to be added to my credit

I ordered a credit sweep and all 3 primary tradelines for $8, 300. When the deadline came in December 2014 he kept pushing back the date. As of today, he refuses to answer his phone or return my calls.

He told me : “ They will show a $25, 000 limit, but with a zero balance, or maybe you still owe $ get the picture.

This will have a massive positive impact on any credit file, and will quickly allow a person to apply to lenders with an almost certain approval instantly, that is if you know where to go, and how to apply.

I never Got the Tradlines that he promised… he charged me $8, 300 told me high limit, old, credit cards and Tradlines….

He has the nerve to continue to advertise after he has scammed several people that I know. Please put the word out on this scammer. He must be stopped and captured.

Owner name: Samin Siavoshian, Farhad Faramarzian
Phone : [protected] / [protected] / [protected]
Web :
Email : [protected] and [protected]
Address : 9920 Pacific Heights Rd. Suite 150 San Diego, CA 92121
HE NEVER FIVED MY CREDIT and NEVER gave me the Tradliens that I paid to be added to my credit …
American National Credit ( Samin Saivoshi ) don't even have office or staff to do your work !!! Their place of business is a Executive office with mailing service only !!!

American National Credit

Feb 04, 2015

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