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Ca Mar 19, 2014 Review updated:

If you get a call regarding employment with AIL and are NOT looking to go the sales route, just ignore them. I received a call about my resume, and they told me that while they had filled the Administrative Assistant role, they reviewed my resume and wanted to talk to me about a different support position, in the office, with the client relations coordinator title. We scheduled the interview, and I showed up only to sit through a 45 minute sales pitch from the RD about all the money we could make in sales, while adding that if you were looking at the support positions, your role would support this structure. Fast forward through him trash talking the competing companies on their ethics and business practices, then the short time you would spend in each position before rising up the ladder, and I am whisked into a room where someone asks me what questions I have about the job. He uses the "choices" tactic where he tells me support only makes 9.50 an hour and sales can make much I still interested? He tells me that I probably won't get full time because many are competing for that position, only 12-16 hours a week. Am I sure I don't want sales? When I tell him I am probably interested in full time, he stands up and tells me that clearly we are not the right fit. No discussion of skills, resume or experience. I.e, the job doesn't exist. I am sure there are people out there who actually are looking to go the sales route, but something is wrong with a job if you need a sales pitch to get someone to consider it. Clearly this company does not value their support personnel if their jobs can be used as a straw man to sucker someone into a sales job.

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  • Ea
      23rd of Jul, 2014

    I myself have been receiving emails and/or phone messages regarding these type of fake employment opportunities. This is not the only company that's working this There are plenty of other stammers out there taking advantage of job seekers looking for secure jobs. I had even gotten calls from these insurance companies that have been around for years, stating that they see our resumes on either or Theses scammers are very unprofessional, have bad attitudes. I've even been hung-up in my face for merely asking what are the details of the "job". Save your time, energy and effort by not giving these fakers the time of day. Just keep moving, stay encouraged and don't give up. I'm right along side with you in "pounding the pavement." Blessings!

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  • Sp
      14th of Aug, 2014


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