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1 73111, OK, United States Review updated:

I paid them a month ago and they say I still owe 15000.00
I was fortunate enough to sell my house inn 3 days - before it went into foreclosure. They stated that if I called on the fourth of May they wouldn't put it in foreclosure well guess what the closing company called on the 4th and faxed the info they foreclosed on the 5th making me pay an additional 3000.00 Not to mention the fact attorney fees of 1950.00 - That wasn't the end of my nightmare!! They also took advanced escrow out of my payoff for insurance and taxes well I paid those in Mar of 09 when I told them I had proof they said that I can't get back what they paid out - Whats sad is I paid it twice in Mar 09 and May 09 and thats my fault! Here are 2 letters I sent to them!!

LOAN NUMBER: [protected]
Andrea Hawthorne/Andrea Kent

To Whom it may concern:
Enclosed is a copy of my payments. When I spoke to the customer service rep they stated that I had not paid after the month of April 2008. Here is a confirmation report from the United States Bankruptcy Court showing all of my payments. Please adjust and refund the difference.
Pages 4 and 5 reflect these amounts…

Also, enclosed is a copy of a letter I sent to the Federal Reserve consumer help line in reference to all of my issues with your company. How can you charge me nearly 3000.00 for my home going into foreclosure for one day?

Please correct any and all mistakes in my file

Federal Reserve Consumer Help
PO Box 1200
Minneapolis, MN 55480
American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc
Customer Care Department
PO Box 631730
Irving, TX 75063

Re: [protected]

This is a formal complaint:
After looking at the evidence you will completely see that there is a refund due of approximately 15, 000.00!!
If you look at the annual escrow account dated June 16th, 09 DATED after I closed and paid off the loan! There was 6, 940.56 taken during closing please look closely at the ANNUAL ESCROW ACCONT DISCLOSURE STATEMENT! Why would you guys take 6940.56 for ADVANCED ESCROW if I sold the house! Please see the payoff stmt!! Escrow Advance of 6875.54
Let me now discuss Interest of 7394.10. the customer service agent stated that my last payment was April of 08 - Oh really! Please see the statements from the UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURTS – They have cancelled checks from you guys for the rest of the months HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT! How do you explain the fact that you guys charged for future payments up to 05/13/09 please see the payoff stmt!
Again when the closing company called on the 4th for the payoff it was 45506.07! It went up on the 5th when they called again to 61470.86 saying oops I went into foreclosure that morning but they stated that if the closer faxed the required documents on the 4th then that would have saved me 4000.00 – well lets see she did and so did I and we have a transmission okay stmt saying we did. Please see the original online dispute form with the contact information of First American title contact name and number which is enclosed in this packet I contacted the federal reserve consumer help online on the 30th of May 09 and disputed all of this information with names and numbers. Also you charged me for an atty which is wrong! Again they stated that if we would have called or faxed on the fourth of May I would not have been charged please contact Lori at the title company she has the fax transmission and in your own notes we called on the fourth so why do I have to pay those charges!

Andrea Kent
1813 Meyers Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

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  • Am
      25th of Nov, 2008
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    American Home Mortgage - changes my terms of the loan
    American Home Mortgage
    United States

    I am outraged! American Home Morgtage has litterly changes the terms of my loan. They can't back it up and I've requested such simple things from them and they can't provide me with anything. They barelt speak english and they could care less if I'm loosinf my home or not. I have papers in front of me that has one type of loan but they screwed me!!!

  • Jo
      5th of Aug, 2011
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    po box 619063
    United States
    Phone: 1-877-304-3100

    I became disabled due to issues with my type 1 diabetes, losing half of my left foot, kidney disease, heart problems due to poor circulation etc. etc... I had fallen behind in payments when I had to quit working and when I told AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE that I was being placed on disability and want to work something out to keep my home they said "disability is not a recognizable income", and foreclosed on my home in March 2011. I noticed that the state of Texas is sueing American and I contacted the FTC and the FTC said they won't take any action unless they see a pattern of bad practices by the company, so I need all of you who have had a problem with AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE to file a complaint against them with the Federal Trade Commission at Please help me!!! I just want my home back

    John D Cramblit
    my home WAS 4012 14th street, Des Moines, IA 50313

  • Ma
      4th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes
    American Home Mortgage - mail fraud
    513 towanda street
    White Haven
    United States

    This is the 2nd complaint that I am making towards american home mortgage. This time as with the first the mortgage company has independent contractors that come to the home and leave a small envelope containing a small card with information to contact the mortgage company. My complaint is like the first complaint i left, the independent contractor is leaving this envelope in my mail box. Have also told them they can not leave a envelope in the mailbox the only person that can put mail in there is the mail person. He was also told to get off my property and he said he did not have to. I have left the license plate number of the first with the white haven police, and this persons license plate number is HBA 1157-it is a PA plate. This is the second complaint I do hope that something is done about these people leaving things in the mailbox that should not be left there.

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