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They send you to run down shops and do not pay for the mistakes they make. I have dealt with them numerous times and each time they always try to get out of paying for something. They constantly send you to the cheapest run down shops they can find because they do not want to pay labor costs. The shop charges me $180.00 for diagnostics and tell me I have an oil leak in one of my cylinders... Guardian wants them to do another test on the car before they choose to pay for anything that would cost me another $250 on top on the $180. I say no and call Guardian telling them I am not authorizing a test that you want and I have to pay for if it is not needed and is just for your personal satisfaction. So the man has me take it to a different shop. I told him I didn't want to go to the shop in the first place and I asked the lady if there was any other place I could take it and she said no. He told me if I had the name of the lady that told me this over in some other department he would pay me the $180 back. I gave him the name and he told me no one existed by that name there... what the hell?? Why did you lie and say if you were going to do something and not do it... I take it to another shop, they tell me the real problem is my spark plugs and I need a new one. I call the old shop and tell them they lied, there was no oil found anywhere and I wanted my money back because they were liars and their diagnostics were wrong. They refused to give me my money back and it was an on going battle between the warranty company, me, and the first shop I went to. In the end, spark plugs weren't covered and I ended up paying for the whole thing out of pocket ($450) on top of the needless $180 dollars Guardian caused me to lose sending me to the whole in the wall poor excuse for an auto shop. DO NOT EVER LET A CAR DEALERSHIP WEASEL YOU INTO BUYING A WARRANTY!!!

Never got my money back...

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  • Dear Consumer,

    American Guardian Warranty is a company committed to making sure that all the issues and claims of our customers are fulfilled. AGW serves 535, 000 customers and makes payments of nearly $20 million annually. The vast majority of our customers are completely satisfied with our warranty services. We want our customers to contact us for any issues that they have. At AGW, we work tirelessly to make sure we meet the claims of our customers.

    We have been working with the Better Business Bureau since May 2000, to help satisfy our customers and their needs. The BBB is an independent party that provides a fair solution for both consumer and business. They have given us an A+ rating, which is the highest a company can achieve. The only way a company can receive such a rating from the BBB is to resolve issues with consumers using the BBB's solutions. In the past, we've seen competitors receive similar complaints but they did not resolve their issues as we have. This resulted in an F rating by the BBB and eventually the competitor went out of business. To verify our A+ rating with the BBB please follow this link:

    Some issues regarding communication may have arisen from contacting individuals that are not directly associated with our company. We would like to provide you with the appropriate information so that you can easily reach us. We encourage individuals to thoroughly read through the warranty agreement to better understand the terms of the agreement. If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by following this link:

    We welcome any and all inquiries regarding our company and its products. For additional information check out our website, our brand new blog, email us at [protected], or give us a call at [protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you,

    American Guardian Warranty

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