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American Engine Installations / Tried to make me pay $ 2995.00 overcharge

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The company quoted me a price of 2885.00 and tried to make me pay 2995.00 for the engine. Then they marked up other parts as much as 200%. i was also hit with a core charge for my old engine supposedly being nonrebuildable, but i was never given the opportunity to view this or dispute it. that was an additional 500.00 this process was advertised as a 7-10 business day turnaround time they have had my car for six weeks now. then to add insult to injury a contacted the director of field ops. Terry Cheeks and started to question prices i felt were over inflated and such and i was told " its none of your business what our mark up is on parts and he was not going to discuss it with me because i was not an American engine employee, and if i didn't like it i could take my car else where." Now this was after the engine is already out of my car. I have rented a car for over a month now so imagine how expensive this is getting after 6 weeks of waiting i am very frustrated with this co.

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  • Su
      20th of Jun, 2007
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    We had an engine re-built by American Engine in Tucson. We were told it would take two weeks and would cost $2400. Two months later after many excuses about why the car was still in the shop, we picked up the vehicle. Then engine raced, oil leaked, the odometer was not hooked up... The car was towed back (at the company's cost) to fix the car. Two months later, the car still runs roughly, engine sounds like it grinds, odometer still not hooked up... we refuse to take it back to "fix" it one more time. I would like to hear from other folks in Arizona who have been swindled by the company, to file a class action suit against this company who operates in Tucson and Phoenix. (The Attorney General in Colorado has filed charges against an American Engine shop in Colorado on June 18, 2007).

  • Pa
      18th of Aug, 2007
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    We faced the same problem when my husband decided to have his engine rebuilt in Las Vegas, NV. We sent our Ford 150 to the affiliation shop to AEI. They spent 4 weeks for the process and we paid around USD 4800 at the end (which we hope is the end). We brought the truck to TN and hope everything will be fine. After a week, my husband heard crackling sounds and make a call to the AEI customer Service. The representative told my husband to bring it over to a corporate shop in Nashville. We brought it there with a pre-diagnostic receipt from Autozone with found error on the cylinder 1. The owner mentioned that he just got the shop for a few weeks and promised to have it fixed within 5-10 business days. My husband keep calling the shop at least once a week to check on the process. He keep asking them to check the cylinder before troubleshoots other parts but obviously they ignore the advice. 4 weeks gone and finally they called my husband to picked up the truck. He surprised to be charged $1900 on top of the $4800 that we have paid previously while the engine is still under warranty. The total already equal a used vehicle!!! The shop owner mentioned that they already give us a break???!!! My husband called the customer representative and make a complaint on this. The next day, we drove the truck around 50 miles away from home. When we stopped, we saw smokes came out from the front. My husband checked it and found out that oil are leaking and dispersed everywhere. We found out that there are "LOOSEN" bolts for the oil pump!!! For not voiding the engine warranty, we called the corporate customer service to place the complaint again and ignorant employee blew us off when we try to reach their manager. We finally managed to get him to direct the line to Joe (previous rep that we talked to) and leave him a voice mail. We are emotionally tortured on this! We have our truck towed by AAA and now placing complaint through the Best Business Bureau. 08/18/2007.

  • Gr
      1st of Jan, 2008
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    Aside from crappy workmenship the price of $4800 is outragous, that job should have been done $1000 less and in 7 days total.

    Next time use a reputable independent shop.

    ASE tech with 28 years of service

  • Mb
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    Worst company ever. they had the truck months and never finished the job. I just hade to take it back and pay the dealership another 1900 to fix a job I had already paid 5000+ for. This happended oin Tucson, AZ. My lord why wont the AG close this palce down.

  • Rd
      6th of Mar, 2008
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    I have you all beat!!! They charged me 3600.00 for a new motor, had the truck a total of 4x over a 5 month period. In that 5 months, i had the truck in my posession for... 2 weeks. yes 2 weeks. They also tried to charge me an additional 2000.00 between all the other repairs they had done during the return visits. After a lawsuit, i received re-imbursement for a rentall and the truck repaired at no charge above the initial 3600.00. After all i went through the damn check engine light came on a month later. Another local shop put NEW plugs in the NEW MOTOR and it was fine. Screw 'em! This was at there Madison store, what a joke.

  • Jo
      26th of Mar, 2008
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    Oklahoma City has been also screwed over by AEI we payed over $4500.oo drove the van approximatley for a few days and it started doing the same thing, took it back to them and they said nothing was wrong with it about 800 miles later the motor quit, we took it back for the warranty Ha Ha. that was 3 months ago.
    Now they want $2536.14 dollars more for another engine and labor. Now we have had to hire an attorney and yes we are suing them. They have the motor out of the van and want the money up front or they will keep the van. we have been making payments on the van paying full coverage insurance all this time and were still without the van plus now attorney fees. This van is one of our companys work vans and there it sits not making any money and were having to pick up the costs for there mistake. They even told us that when we brought the van back that they had fired everyone that was there the first time because of the people were qualified to work on engines and that they would make it right, Oh right thats why there charging the extra money and were having to sue them.

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