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Amazing Vouchers / Can not use their vouchers!

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I joined amazing vouchers because i thought i would get value for money but up to so far i am just losing money every month. They offer vouchers ok, but they forgot to mention that their beauty vouchers are for whites only and they don't take into consideration where you reside. How do they expect you to travel +_ 70 km to claim a voucher. I believe this company is a scam and they don't have any happy clients.

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  • My
      3rd of Aug, 2007
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    My name is Mymona Nassiep, i was contacted by the amazing vouchers consultant who gave me a run down of this wonderful concept. I was told one can go eat at restaurants and coffee shops buy clothing at department stores, hair salons, manicures etc.

    They did not mention you should have access to the internet to download the vouchers. That the vouchers allow you ONE FREE coffee, or if you have a laser treatment you allowed one FREE and the other Six will cost you R3600. The salons, spas, hairdressers are mainly in the so call white areas.

    Now I am battling to stop the Debit Order, as one has to pay for 24 months.

  • Le
      15th of Aug, 2007
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    Hey I'm in the same boat as you. When I was contacted they promised me all this wonderful things. Now I am stuck with a 24month contract after I repeatedly asked them if I can unsubscribe at any time...

    I tried and tried but I can't unsubscribe!! HELP!!! PLEASE!

  • Ka
      22nd of Aug, 2007
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    I think the Department of Trade and Industry should intervene to stop companies like Amazing Vouchers from robbing unsuspecting people who fall into these unscrupulous contracts. People who have money would probably not fall into these scams as they can afford the products, no need to be lured into some "amazing product". So it is people living below the breadline and the middle class who fall into these traps. The Department should simply shut down businesses like these, it's just not right to let them trade.

  • Am
      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    We are a sorry to hear about your bad experiences with some of our vouchers. Unfortunately it is out of our hands the way our Partners treat our Members and vica versa, however if you receive unacceptable service from a Partner, you can lodge your concerns with us as we will take it up with the relevant Partner.

    Beauty vouchers are meant to be for all cultures and races, but if a Partner treats you unfairly, you can let us know and we will query that. Although you might get only one free voucher at a particular Partner, we have other Partners with similar offerings.

    We add about 600 new vouchers every month, countrywide and it is important for our Members to log into our website regularly, as new vouchers get added daily. If you choose to use a lazer treatment voucher, you are not obliged to go for follow up consultations if you cannot afford it. The idea of such a voucher is for you to be able to have the opportunity to try it out at no cost. If you would like to go for continued consultations, the Partner may charge for that though. However, you were given a free chance to something you would have otherwise never considered.

    You are welcome to contact our Customer Services Department with any queries.

    Kind Regards,
    Angela Marr
    Customer Services Manager - Amazing Vouchers

  • Am
      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    Dear Kaytee,

    We have Members across all income groups and all of these people can benefit equally from or vouchers.

    Our company is fully compliant as per legal requirements and we are rather passionate about giving our Members the best offerings at a low monthly subscription. Our unique concept is organically grown and similar concepts are highly utilized in America and Europe However, for us to find these amazing vouchers, we do need commitment from our Members and Partners.

    We are also rather serious about our product. We spent an amazing amount of time and effort developing a new Corporate ID and stunning new user-friendly website to be launched soon.

    We will be distributing sassy new Membership and Partner packs, currently in print production and we are also looking at starting above-the-line advertising in order to iron out misconceptions about our company.

    Kind Regards
    Angela Marr
    Customer Services Manager - Amazing Vouchers

  • Ch
      6th of May, 2008
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    Good day Angela Marr,

    I do believe that you might think that you are giving the best service possible, but it is defnitely not the case.

    Why can't you contact your clients, I was also given the run around when I enquire about the promise
    made by your consultants to me to get me to join . They told me that If you are a new client of amazing vouchers you will automaticly be able to stay at certain RCI. Resorts for two weeks, after twelve months of being a member, but I have to make my ressevations three months before the December holiday.

    I have struggle to get anybody to phone me back with my resevation information and when the lady did phone me back the first time after about a month after my inquiry, she was VERY RUDE and told me that I am not the only client and that amazing voucher is busy designing a website where you could go and check which resort are used by Amazing vouchers..

    I was totally dumbstruck, does she really think we are so stupid to fall for that.

    I joined amazing vouchers for the holiday that was promised to me and that is what I will insist on getting.

    I will take this matter further, I still haven't heard from any of your managers and even if I have to go to court you should not promise our clients a certain service and then you do not keep your word.

    So Wake up, Do what you promised, I do not want any more excusses, I want RESULTS.

    I might be just another member, but you are taking my money monthly just as all the other members,

    I will not be ignored any more.!!!

    C.Van Greunen

  • Ch
      6th of May, 2008
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  • Ly
      7th of Jun, 2008
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    I joined amazing vouchers and supplied a free treatment to try and get business for myself, but so far it has cost me and I have not benifitted at all, all your members take the treatment (value R90) and walk out with wet hair. I have even had a woman want to use my dryer herself but refuses to have us blowdry her hair. This is of no use to me as a business, What do I do Or how do I withdraw from amazing vouchers

  • Tu
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    Amazing vouchers is a rip off. They promise stuff that its not there.
    They can pretent to be spending lots of time compiling this information, but its not fair on other people.

  • Bh
      8th of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Amazing vouchers is stealing money, they dont have any vouchers in my area even though the consultant assures you that they do, they do not remove suppliers that have closed down and they do not refund you for any mistakes they make! Please do not get conned like I was

  • Fa
      13th of Nov, 2008
    -2 Votes

    I also subscribed to amazing vouchers it took them 2 months to send my pack with my secret pin while the debit orders still went off. I still cannot use the vouchers as i was told . I was told i would get a free holiday in Cape Town if i subscribed but have not received anything regarding the holiday in the meantime money is eing witdrawnfrom my account. When i went on the site to retrieve my vouchers there was a snagi could get one treatment or one day at a holiday resort and pay for the other days and not on weekends.their way of describing the vouchers to u over the phone is a con they lie and promise u everything and then u cannot get out of this.I have spoken to my lawyer and he suggests i must cancel and take them to the media as the public needs to know the truth.I plan to do this as soon as possible

  • Pi
      4th of Dec, 2008
    -1 Votes

    It's one of the biggest scams out there, I have a friend who worked there who they discriminated against and fired because her grandmother had a stroke and they did not believe her telling her that she had absconded from work. Apparently everyone who is in a managerial position in that company is related to the directors or has slept with someone to get to the top which is DISGUSTING and unprofessional. She worked there and I have heard stories about this company from many other people who I trust and I personally think that people who sign up for this have no common sense. Since the NCA National Credit Act has been up and running it is illegal to sell anything over the phone in this country, be it cell phone contracts or Amazing Vouchers. I hope that somehow we can bring this company down and all those other companies who trick us into signing up for things over the phone. Think about it like this, if this company was that legitimate and those people had nothing to hide then why is it that many of us have never heard of them? And they claim to have been around for quite some time. . . Why don't they advertise like every other legitimate company and if we the public are genuinely interested they should have an office that we can go to, speak to their consultants face to face and sign up for the package, yet that is not the case, instead they contact us, getting our details from Lord knows where and then somehow force us to sign up telling us things like, "The debit will only come off next month" and "you can cancel at any time"

    They are up to no good, scamming us South Africans like that and look at the way that they treat their staff. . . If that were me I would take them to court for an unlawful dismissal.

  • Am
      29th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    We are very concerned about your post of serious defamation
    containing false allegations of rumor and here-say. We will
    be investigating this for further action. Herewith some
    facts about Amazing Vouchers, regarding the statements you

    Amazing Vouchers creates an equal opportunity of employment
    to all South Africans across all cultures. The company
    currently employs approximately 130 members of staff of
    whom some individuals have been with the company for
    several years. Discriminating against staff is an offensive
    matter and something Amazing Vouchers does not support,
    hence creating equal opportunity of employment.

    We do feel strong about operating in line with the Labor
    Relations Act of SA. When a staff member absconds, the
    person has left work, or failed to be on duty for several
    days without notifying the company. In positions such as
    reception, it is crucial to have our switchboards manned at
    all times during office hours to serve our clients.
    Dismissal is legal if the candidate has been issued with
    several warnings and still fails to cooperate and comply
    with basic agreements of employment.

    Amazing Vouchers does not offer any financial services,
    thus the National Credit Act is not applicable to our
    organization. Further, Amazing Vouchers is fully compliant
    with the Department of Trade and Industry and all laws
    governing the industry of telemarketing. We do not provide
    walk in customer service, as we are a call centre and all
    our business is conducted telephonically. We have a
    - Hide quoted text -
    dedicated Customer Service Department where people can
    contact us to raise issues of concern or share their happy
    experiences with our great product.

    Amazing Vouchers is a direct marketing company. What you
    are referring to is Above The Line advertising. As we need
    to create a balance between members and partners within
    specific areas of South Africa, ATL advertising is not
    necessarily a suitable medium for us to operate in. Thus
    targeted, direct marketing is most successful in order for
    us to offer the best possible service to our members and
    partners. This will always take first priority.

    We currently have over 30, 000 members countrywide, who
    enjoy redeeming vouchers on a daily basis. We have about
    3, 500 partners, offering approximately 7, 000 vouchers
    countrywide, who benefit greatly from the feet we send
    through their doors.

    "Apparently everyone who is in a managerial position in
    that company is related to the directors or has slept with
    someone to get to the top which is DISGUSTING and

    This statement is simply libelous and untrue. Unfortunately
    it is human nature of disgruntled human beings to invent
    and spread defamatory messages, and such people should look
    into their own lives to discover what makes them unhappy,
    instead of projecting their feelings of anger into other
    humans or organizations.

    To read more about Amazing Vouchers, visit and

  • No
      11th of May, 2009
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    i think ur aware that iam serving a three months notice here, cos after this two months coming u will never get a single cent from my acc.i spoke to one of ur sales to withdraw the account then she told me that i have to give notice for three months, so i hope u ar aware that i only left with two months from now.its very easy for u gays when u recruite people to join u, but when we want to sign out u make life get difficult for short ur service its very bad.

  • Pi
      5th of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    In September 2007 I received a call from one of the sales people at Amazing Vouchers. He did his sales pitch and I checked with him as to when and where I will be able to use the vouchers. I explained to him that I was working and that I am not able to get off during the week and that the vouchers would be of no use to me if I could only use it during working hours. He assured me that I could use the vouchers at any time I chose and wherever I chose. After he had given me the assurance I then recommended several people that he could call one of which was my sister. She discussed the same problem with him as she was in working in Paarl at the time. When we received our membership card and we went onto the website to check out the vouchers we both saw that the one thing we had asked the sales person about the time as to when to redeem the vouchers, he had lied. He had deliberately misled us and my sister got onto the phone immediately. She spoke with someone there and they said they would listen to the conversation and call her back. They called her back and told her to send an email to cancel her membership, which she did. I did the same thing and sent the same letter Amazing Vouchers. I have no idea why her membership was cancelled and mine wasn’t.

    On the 14th July 2008 I called again and spoke to Diane who agreed that I could cancel my membership on condition that I make six payments on the contract. I agreed because at that stage I had already made two payments and needed to make four more. At the time I was on short time and wasn’t paid on a regular basis. Several debit orders didn’t go off but I ensured that the four payments were made. I was under the impression that the membership was then cancelled.

    On 26 May 2009 I spoke with Janine who then said that the membership would be cancelled and that I had to request it in writing and agreed that for the month of May the debit would still go off my account as it was too late to reverse it but they would reimburse me for that payment. I then received a letter from Alphonso Slinger stating that my membership was cancelled. The payment went off on the 29th May 2009 and I sent a copy of my bank statement to show that the debit did go off. I received a letter back from Gabiba Razak saying that my file was dealt with by your financial department and that they will be refunding me an amount of R175 by the 12th June 2009.

    On the 05 June 2009 Diane called me and told me that I had to make additional payments because 6 consecutive debit orders didn’t go off but 6 payments were made. So I don’t see how the agreement wasn’t kept to. I explained the situation to her but she was unsympathetic, arrogant and rude. I told her that she had to put all of this in writing for me and I would take up the matter. She didn’t get back to me at all and I then called her again. Again she was rude, arrogant and unreasonable. She told me if I insisted on going this route then she would make sure that I was held to the rest of the 24 month contract.

    I find it extremely hard to believe that in a time of recession that Amazing Vouchers are still exploiting people! They should be ashamed of themselves!

  • No
      13th of May, 2010
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  • Ny
      28th of May, 2010
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    they are fool of [censor] all of them, i QUIT

  • Es
      23rd of Aug, 2010
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    i have just joined amazing vouchers. i hope all of what i read doesnt happen to me! so far, the products are looking accessible but i hope i dont get conned.

  • Bo
      31st of Jan, 2011
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    Amazing vouchers is a scam and I regret joining it what the consultant told me is no where near what I've experienced.

  • Ph
      1st of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Amazing vouchers is ripping people off their hard earned money. These bunch of criminals are cruel and something should be done to stop them once and for all. My girlfriend is a victim of this bloodsucking, greedy criminals. Their number 012 525 5300 doesn't exist anymore yet, still appears on their website. These hyenas should be charged with fraud and their back-door business closed down for good, of course, together with others like them.

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