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Altec Lansing IM600 / did not honor refund

1 328 E St Charles RDVilla Park, IL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 630-833-4053

I bought a NEW Altec Lansing IM600 for my wife after reading several good reviews of this product. When the package arrived, the box looked as if it had been opened, then resealed with scotch tape. I didnt think much of it till I pulled the unit out of the plastic bag...SCRATCHES covered it...clearly USED...the instructions stated that the internal battery needed to be charged prior to 1st use...However, I pushed the power button, to find that battery had already been charged, which I wasnt surprised about, considering all the scratches. Since it was charged, I thought I'd at least see how it sounded, so I attached my wife's IPOD...nothing...until I wiggled the IPOD slighty, but if I let go...nothing. I looked for other parts that were described in the manual...of which I fould missing, the remote control, adapters and the warranty card.
So, I tried to call the company, but the phone call went to what sounded like a residential voicemail. After more attempts the next day, I sent off a long email describing my concerns. Two days went by...nothing. So, I called again, and a woman named MARIA answered. I asked if she received my email, and she replied 'yes' and that she was very sorry...and that she sent me the wrong unit. She was ready to send me a new unit, however, my wife had a time contraint as she need the unit for some volunteer work she had coming up. I asked Maria for a full refund, and she verbally agreed, and again in email, after I followed up with our conversation. She agreed to send me back an RMA shipping label, and once I received it, I sent the unit back. Yesterday, I emailed MARIA as to the status of my REFUND...and this was her response:
''We have received the Altec Lansing iM600. First of all, the product you sent us is not the one we sent you, the serial numbers do not match. Second of all, the one you've sent us is not in a working condition. Third of all, parts are missing, the remote control and adapters are not in the box you've sent us. Therefore, you have two choices, either send us a shipping label and we will ship it back to you, or leave it the way it is, we will keep the product. In any case, you will not be refunded, you've received a product in a perfect working condition with all the parts but returned a different item.
Payless Merchandise''

So I guess now she is either having a memory lapse of our conversation, or I am now being accused of switching her supposed 'new' unit for a beat up broken down unit that I apparently had already lovely!

I've bought most of my families consumer products online over the last several years and have never had an issue with any vendor...

This needed to be made to known to other potential customers. How foolish to accuse your customer of us such misrepresentation and not consider the impact it may have on future business.

Tampa, Florida

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      25th of Apr, 2008
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    REVIEW UPDATE: since my last review (and to other sites similar to this one), Mr Havranek ( payless merchandise owner) has sent me back a PARTIAL refund ( most likely spurred on by seeing the negative comments about his business practices on the Internet now and my complaint to the BBB)...but still maintains that he was not at fault...implying still, that I switched his supposed "NEW" unit for one that I "apparently" owned that was broken and missing parts...I maintain an unsatisified customer and highly forwarn prospective buyers to stay away from PAYLESS MERCHANDISE.

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      30th of Apr, 2008
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    Prior to the order we received a call from the customer, he wanted to be sure he will get the new product. As soon as he ordered it from the website, we prepared a brand new Altec Lansing iM600 to be shipped, packed it and sent. A few days later we received another call from the customer, he stated the product he's received was not new and that he'd like to return it becasue the time would not allow for an exchange. We agreed to that and sent him a shipping label for the product. Once we received the product, we found out we did ship the customer the right item, the box was of a brand new Altec Lansing. As we opened the box, we checked for the serial number and learnt the product the customer has shipped us was not the one we shipped him, the one we received was used and not in a working condition. Parts that were supposed to come with the iM600 were missing.

    We've had this business opened for over a year, hundreds of customers have come to out physical location, purchased many products, they like the fact that they can test it in the store and make sure everything is ok with the product. Our internet business has been running for 4 years now. Therefore we are sorry to hear about an unhappy customer and even though it was not our fault, we have given the customer a refund of $79.99, which is a FULL refund.

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      5th of May, 2008
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    Potential Customers: be warned...I have nothing to gain by wasting my time typing up lengthy reviews of a company's lack of service...I am only hoping that NO ONE ELSE GETS A RAW DEAL LIKE ME. sure, you can walk in a check out a USED or OPEN BOX item and see if it works...I did not have that luxury, as I was buying on line...I should have been suspicious...the price of 79.99 was at least 35 dollars less than the average online merchant...I was promised a full refund including the shipping. I believe the only reason he sent me back a partial REFUND was because of the negative reviews written. In a response from the BBB, he now states that I'm trying to hurt his business. Mr. Havranek... Honor your return policy and QUIT MAKING FALSE ACCUSATIONS about your customers! If your business is being affected, its by your own actions.

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      5th of May, 2008
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    Oh by the way...if hundreds of customers are satisfied with your business...why do you not have ONE good review anywhere on the NET?

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      6th of May, 2008
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    None of our customers is so desperate as to bother us and other people online, that is why we do not have any other negative feedback. When the customers are happy they keep coming back and buy more things from our store instead of going elsewehere.

    If you were not cheating you would not have to make such a deal out of this. Right after we received the iM600 we gave you a full refund (the price of the dock was $79.99 and that is what you got back) even though you returned a wrong and broken one.

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      30th of Jul, 2008
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    I agree with the original post. I to ordered a product that was described as used, it looked like it was drug behind a truck. Also they said it was functional but with a torn speaker functional is a pretty misleading statement.

    I to received a partial refund and was charged a restocking fee. Bad business practices.

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      7th of Aug, 2008
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    If you would like to see a video and hear the sound-there is no problem at all, it will prove this product ( docking station ) is working in accordance with manufacturer's description ( as stated in the product listing ). We have issued a refund according to our return policy.

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      8th of Aug, 2008
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    To Eric: If you buying online, you MUST read a description and store policy, this is my advice. Otherwise you might be mistaken and it will be your fault.

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      21st of Aug, 2008
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    I purchased a new Altec Lansing M-602 docking station for my Ipod in March, 2007 at BestBuy for about $160.00. Within a couple months, and under normal use conditions, the tiny prongs on the unit end of the power cord broke off one by one. They were very frail to begin with. So, I contacted their complaint department via the internet, in February of this year (under the 1 year warranty time - with receipt) and asked them to replace the power cord. I even looked into purchasing one, but they are impossible to find. I was told right away to provide them with purchase date, place, etc..which I did, and they said "All of our speaker systems are covered by a full 1 year warranty. As long as you are under warranty we can replace that unit for you". That was on 02/26/2008. They then said give us 2-3 weeks to deliver it. OK - so I thought. This was followed by "they are on back order, you will get it soon"... THEN, on 03/10/2008 they told me "YOUR REPLACEMENT HAS BEEN SHIPPED, PLEASE ALLOW 7-10 DAYS FOR DELIVERY". Nothing. Then another "they are on back order". I kept trying, begging, anything. On June 3, 2008, I was then told "If you do not receive the AC adapter within the next 7 days, .. we will replace the whole unit". MONTHS passed, and still nothing. And, I kept contacting them via their online "customer assistance" (which is a joke). Twice in the last 2 months I was advised "Sorry for the delay, you'll receive the unit at the beginning of next week". I have repeatedly requested a phone number to speak with a rep, and I just keep getting the same old answers - the check is in the mail... I finally told them that I would copy and paste the entire thread of emails etc. and post them on every website possible and they have still done nothing. I would do it here, but for all of your sake, it is 17 pages long!!! So I am stuck with a silver box that plays no music, and I'm out $160; all from a company that I THOUGHT was reputable and would back their faulty product. I just hope that if only one person avoids buying a product from this awful company, then this post was worth it. I have NEVER in my life been treated so horrendously by any company, not even close! I am sorry for the long post, but I think it is required to make my point. This has been a joke, and I will never purchase anything from this company again in my life. Please avoid the nightmare I have been through, and avoid them as well.

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      28th of Dec, 2008
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    I am a customer of Payless Merchandise and I ordered a set of Infinity Reference car speakers from this place. I called them ahead of time and asked them, since these are "used" speakers, can they tell me if they are working okay before I buy them. I was assured they were "fully tested". I got a taped up box, but didn't open it yet. I was going to take it to an installer that was making some custom kick panels for me, so I wasn't able to test them right away. After a couple of months, I finally had the expensive project done for my car. The installer came out and told me that my "speakers are bad and the tweeters don't even work". Then I inspected the box and the speakers. The box serial number and the speaker serial numbers didn't match. Then I came online and found this VERY similar complaint. It looks as if Payless Merchandise has a nice little scam to re-box broken products and sell them to consumers, then turn around and accuse the consumer of switching the product. Look, these speakers cost me $85. There is no reason for me to try and go out of my way for that piddly amount of money, but there is a principle here. This company is scamming customers and should be shut down by authorities for these practices.

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      29th of Jan, 2009
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    I purchased a new MP4 Player and received a defective, used, refurbished one instead. I returned the defective player for reimbursement or replacement. I was told a new one was in stock and that it was shipped. I received the same used, refurbished player back with different malfunctions. This prompted me to suspect that the player was damaged by an attempted repair and I have evidence to prove it.

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      11th of Feb, 2009
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    I am not surprised by what I am reading here. I contacted Altec Lansing because the IM600 I purchased for my daughter for Xmas arrived not working. I tried to return to Circuit City where the item was purchased but they were out of stock. Then 2 weeks later they went into liquidation. I had no choice but to return the item under warranty to Altec Lansing directly. I paid for signature receipt AND insurance. I checked a few days later and had confirmation the item was received by them on 01/24. I sent my contact there - Javier- an email on 01/27 asking when I could expect the replacement to arrive. He told me it takes 2-3 weeks but 'is usually faster than that'. Today, I still had not heard anything and I sent another email. This time he said he had no record of ever receiving the item and wanted the tracking number.
    I picked up the phone and spoke to one of his colleagues who said he would give the tracking number to his shipping department. Then upon confirmation of receipt, the earliest a replacement could be sent out would be friday 02/13. I told him I was very upset that Javier had not bothered to tell me all of this when I contacted him on January 27th-3 days after they had received the item back. I have yet to find out if and when I will receive my replacement. This company has extremely poor customer service and I hope that this affects their sales so that something gets done about it. Maybe the slowing economy will help to improve some of these companies service skills.

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