Altec Langsing VS461 / terrible sound quality, engineering and workmanship.

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For starters, we were very upset when we got home and plugged the VS461 Altec stereo in. It sounded awful. We had to suspend the satellites on fishing tackle from the ceiling so the 'mid range'sound could be heard.Clearly the downward facing mid- range speakers cannot operate pointing downwards. I believe this is why no other company has ever attempted to achieve this.There is no such thing as '360 degree' sound. The speakers should do their job. Nice box. We had more amusement reading your trumpet blowing statements on the box, such as 'Exceptional sound dispersion in a small footprint'.What does this actually mean? The audio jack fitting could be likened to chucking a banana down a large tunnel. We tried to finish off your sub- standard attempt at basic electronics with duck tape, cardboard and blue tack, to secure the audio jack in place. This slightly improved the noise. However, this was after many a discussion with friends and family as to whether the bass sounded better with a pair of pants wedged in the front -facing air port or not.
We were also curious to know, whilst looking at your other products on-line (in a considerably higher price range)that despite no difference in any specifications, there were increasingly more 'tempting' and glossy linguistic representations of your products as you raised the price. On examining the picture we realised it was immediately obvious that the speakers were lacking the expected casing to match the front. Was this another unique idea of yours? I would imagine that a company that only made dedicated audio equipment would actually finish the job off properly. That, I must say, certainly is 'unique'.

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