Altair Capital Managementavoid them

I will believe this company is legit. It probably operates, but it's hard to say whether it's risky or not.
Of course, it is.
At first. They provided to contacts. No, an online form doesn't count. So it means we have no idea where this company is located.
It is managed by people with russian names and last names, so I guess it's based somewhere in russia.
Let's see what information they want to give us on for investors page. Maybe we will find there something really useful and interesting, details about strategies and plans.. Ahhh no, I was wrong. There's just blah-blah.
The team page. The main person is dr. Igor ryabenkiy. Doctor. Sounds posh, fancy and pretentious. It's said he created, invested and sold plenty of prosperous enterprises. So what? These words are nothing without examples.
The same can be said about the others. I would also change the photos of them...
Well, anyway, it's hard to believe people who didn't bother to do everything to look legit. Why would I or you bother to give them your money?

Dec 06, 2018

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