Aloricatm management

I recently joined this company 3 months ago .
Since i started the trainer name is Madel Escobido .
our members was cut in half. One goes to Jeric abayan which was my team manager and the other half was from Madel Escobido. Madel was transfer from a trainer being a Team manager.

Madel is not very nice to us.
everytime during meeting she will say bad words and motivate us to leave the company, saying that if we can't handle the stress of taking chats (our role) that we are free to leave anytime as the company or account doesn't need us. We are just adjusting to our task so it is really hard especially if your boss does not motivate you. Whenever we get bad surveys instead of teaching us what to do next time or motivating us, she will blame us, doubt our ability, laugh at us, shout at us.. sometimes curse us..sometimes she will walk out and become in a very bad mood. She even fought to one of our support coaches. it means it's not only me, many of us are leaving this company because of her.
She taught us to do things illegal like transferring customer chat even it is invalid transfer once the chat is a possible detractor. One of my colleague cried because of her . my friend does not know what to do with the customer and had misunderstanding with one of the coaches.. she came by and started shouting yelling at my friend in the whole production area which is very unprofessional. i have save a screenshot how she talks with my friend that day, cursing her..talking unprofessionally.. she even told my friend to not come to work.. Sometimes during meeting with everyone she ask me, if i have a sex experience .. is that question even work related?

another thing with another friend, madel telling everyone that she is a slut.. having sex with anyone.. which i think is harassment . Because of stress my body cant handle it. I got sick for 12 days with doctors document and medical certificate. I submitted a resignation with health issues, She heard that most of us will file a complain in HR with someone.. she mention that she will tagged it as AWOL.. even i have documentations.. how can you let a manager like her run your company. You hired us and payed for us during the training. The company already invested on us but because she is the manager. we are leaving right away. I have so many things to tell about her.. for now we will try to complain her in Hr in the next days.. I just wish the main alorica knows about this matter since having her is not good in your company,

Dec 09, 2018

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