Almeda University / Diploma Mill Scam

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In what happens to be the biggest ‘education’ scams online, it has been revealed that a fake entity by the name of Almeda University has been fleecing gullible Americans for degrees that is worth nothing but a worthless piece of paper!
Sources reveal that the university operates from an unknown source that has been a conglomerate of the online degree scam operating online. The university blatantly sells fake online degrees in the name of “life experience degrees”.
Almeda University is also known to have been selling degrees – I repeat SELLING it! You can customize your degree options, the program and other variables for some specific amount of money with no regards to credit hours or the knowledge a person is known to possess.
The worst part – the university to have been making $100 million from the United States alone! That’s different from those scams that are a part of this entire scam.
The worst part is that they continue to do so without any regard to the damage they are causing to the economy. It is high time that one reacts against such s scheme and bust those who are involved in this scam.

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