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I enrolled in the medical billing division of this school. I was extremely disappointed with the course material. It was out of date and full of discrepancies- everything from numbers transposed to incorrect information.

The customer service, or student service, reps were, for the most part, very unprofessional.

When I decided to cancel my enrollment and opt for a refund I found that they do not honor the written agreement for refunds. The refund policy is stated in the student handbook and on the companies website. However, they claim that at the time you receive your RMA number you are told that there will be additional charges deducted from your refund amount. Apparently, now that I have received less than half of what I expected according to the written policy, I find that I am also being charged for damaged and used materials. The written policy gives a very simple calculation for refunds. After the final calculation it states that this will be your refund amount. There is no mention, on the web site or student handbook of any additional charges, yet when it comes time for the refund- surprise!

I do not recommend this school for their inaccurate text books and unprofessional dealings.

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  • Ja
      Feb 11, 2010

    Thank you sooo much for giving this complaint online! You just saved me $318 dollars! I have been looking into online schools to get my real estate license, and saw Allied Schools. It seemed not too pricey and very up to date, I immediatly got a RED FLAG... when...I put my husbands phone number down(an old one that is turned off and we dont use), since I didn't want sales people bothering me at my home, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN, a sales rep called my home number...I was thinking what the heck, I never listed my home number..I thought odd, but was still interested because of how the websited appeared and said how great the school was, until I did my research and saw you complaint as well as others. thank you!!


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  • Ma
      Feb 13, 2010

    I also called Allied Schools inquiring about a CPM certification and was instead pressured by the sales rep to buy the broker program which cost twice as much. I was also told by this sales rep that I would receive a full refund if I changed my mind minus shipping as long as I did not log on and take any of the courses. Low and behold when I returned the materials they kept $200 of my money only refunding about half of what they were suppose to claiming the materials were heavily used and CD was scratched. That's strange, I never even read a single word from any of the books or used any of the CDs and I never even logged on to the website, so the materials just sat in a box and I live by myself. So it must of been a ghost! Right??? NO. They are crooks and please take my advice and save yourself the headache of ever having to deal with these people. After disputing this with my credit card company 3 times over a 1 year period with no results, I finally resorted to reporting them to the BBB, but this was only after the 50 phone calls to them possibly talking to everyone in their billing department, management and various sales rep repeating endlessly to each person over a period of 1 year did I get nowhere!!! Apparently reporting them to the BBB got them to finally allege they would give me a refund if I retracted my case and say the dispute has been settled. I have yet to see a check!!! They are the spawn of the DEVIL!!! Save yourself and don't bother with them.

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  • Mb
      Mar 05, 2010

    I asked several times for explanations for outdated material, old rules and errors in the grading process. I also asked why the exam covered items not addressed in the course lessons. Their response was to just "try my best." I also wanted to quit and was told I would not receive a full refund in the beginning. So of course I continued and now I know better. Have you noticed the website promised a complimentary student assistance well that is not what I received my first five calls. I questioned the relevance of certain material and if more practice material was available. Their response was "to do my best." Unfortunately my best is what I was trying to do but it was quite impossible with the resources given. Please don't go to this school they are all smiles and welcoming attitude until they get your money. Then you'll be lucky if you get in touch with the right person within a few phone calls. This school is outrageously priced without good reason!

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  • Ko
      Mar 08, 2011

    They must have changed since I received my CPM in 2005. I had no problems, the information was up to date, service was great, I even received the CPM certification within 2 weeks of completing the course. I am sad to think they have gone down hill. Must be the greed getting to them! Shame on Allied for going in the wrong direction!

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  • Gr
      May 05, 2011

    2011 books are up to date, just received everything a month ago. So far so good, this is on the billing side.

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  • Gr
      May 05, 2011

    2011 updated and correct. Maybe things are different on medical side.

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  • Al
      Oct 26, 2011

    Well Allied has some very bad practices and are often used by military personal because they accept our exemption. So the military magically pays 4500 for classes that an individual would pay 300 for, upon withdrawing from the school they still billed the military even after I sent in documents that i was deploying. After 4 years now they report that i didnt withdraw causing the military to recoup 4500 dollars from me directly! This is a scam and they should be ashamed at how they use the military, hopefully if enough tropps stand up the military will see this is just a scam.

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  • Ch
      Jan 11, 2012

    Hello - I just completed the MLO course for the National and FL state education requirements and exams. Allied is terrible in the area of communication, whether it be with the assigned instructor or student/customer service. The instructor would NOT answer questions related to why points were given or taken off for a class exercise or quiz. The worst problem in my opinion is that the Exam Prep reviews have a very high percentage of INCORRECT answers! The explanation of a supposed incorrect answer actually contradicts the answer! Very sloppy attention to detail. I did pass the course and satisfied the pre-licensing requirement, but with so many inaccuracies, I must urge people reading this post to keep searching for a more professional learning experience.

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  • Jd
      Feb 05, 2013

    it seems like every tI'me someone doesn't get what they want they blog a bunch of crap slandering companies. I've seen it a lot. i signed up for allied real estate and failed to pay them after starting the course then i changed my mind and wanted to do a different class. then changed my mind again. for two yrs i jerked around no matter what they helped me achieve what i needed to do. in order to reinstate my classes two yrs after blowing them off they worked in discounts (as a favor) to off set the down payment i made in the beginning. it would be too difficult to explain how difficult and irresponsible i was. but with a good attitude i was able to work it out and am now finished with my classes. i highly recommend allied if you want complete flexibility over your classes. i took the whole thing from my cell ph at Denny's. i cannot I'magine anyone else bending over backwards to see me succeed they went far beyond any reasonable expectations. if you are considering them ignore all these disgruntle ###s that never learned you catch flys with honey. i guarantee you these people complaining are peoplee who screwed off like i did and instead of being humble about it and asking the great people at allied for help they probably tried to ### their way to get their way like so many self ritous ### these days. i finished i do not believe in fact i know i would not have anywhere else. i am too lazy to type this correctly. i cannot begin to tell you how easy it was and how great these people were no matter how much i screwed off i am forever grateful and ready to make some money. if you are not a self learner if you are a sheltered spoiled brat who has been trained by your parents to ### your way through life then nothing is going to work for you but if you want to take your real estate classes at your own pace and do it from your lap top and cell ph with a money back guarantee from people who care more about you passing than you do...guess what allied kicks ### cant recommend it enough. if you need someone to pamper your little ### well good luck i love allied i will take more classes and i really appreciate them working with me so much through a divorce custody battle and adhd!!! if you have a problem with allied you probably belong on your couch watching reality shows rather than liveing reality. i hope someday companies can sue ###s slandering their companies. anyway I'm a student i just finished the classes and am doing the prep now which by the way they just gave me an extension on today after i blew it off for the 90 days thanks daisy you rock like i said these guys are awesome I'm so add and stuffs been so hectic i wouldn't have made it with anyone else and would have wasted a lot of money.

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  • Dc
      Mar 25, 2013

    On July 2, 2012, I enrolled in to Allied Business Schools, Inc, for there Real Estate Rehabilitation program so that I could re- enter into the work force with a new career in mind. I have a very long history of Home Improvement construction and also became a Home Inspector in 2004. I know a thing or two about real estate, or course this was a whole new loop into the profession.
    While taking this course, which was unit chapters and test reviews, you would have to score 70% in order to move on to the next testing, which was find with me until, I stated to notice that the questions that I had answer wrong, which I started writing down for my personal corrections, where being answer wrong again after writing the corrections down on paper. I emailed my school adviser and explained the problem and she said she would look into the matter. The schools reply was, they would look into the matter and get back to me, which they didn't until I complained again about the same problem.
    I finished my chapters and reviews and now it was time to Pre-test for the final test school exam. I took my time and wanted to get this right. When I did decided to take the exam, the exam questions had questions that were not in most of the study guide, they were questions that were never reviewed in the pretest questions, most with no relations to the exam. Needless to say, I failed the exam, with a lot of disappointment. So, I once again, I contacted my school adviser and explained my issue and she noted I was clearly upset.
    Once again, I went to study my outline given by the school and reviewed all that was allowed by the school. In one of my conversations with my school adviser, she admitted to me that YES!, the schools computer program was flawed and that they, the school, tried to fix the problem BUT, it seems the problem still remains……
    Knowing this, I still re-tested my finial school exam again!...and of course, I failed the exam again…my red flag was, my score was one point more than my last exam score…how?, different questions and answers….something is not right here….
    I emailed my school adviser again and ask to review the failed school exam for myself, I was told that the adviser would go over the test with me but I was not allowed to review it myself!, when I ask why, I was told it was the schools policy…. I had many questions about this testing, only to be told to trust them that everything was ok now and that they told me the truth!
    Now, I am HOT!, after hiding the fact that I was leaning from a computer system that was knowing flawed in there school system, when they should of not allowed me to enter into the program until they had the system corrected!. I ask to see the work orders for repair of when where and so on, the many requests where just set aside which meant nothing to them so, think twice here….
    Can you trust a school that allows this type of action!

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  • Cy
      Aug 20, 2013

    I bought the newest real estate exam cram, August 2013.

    It is horrible!

    They changed it around so the broker cram is no different than the real estate cram.

    It's all the same identical information for both!

    Sherry Schindler Price is the instructor for the California side and skips around and does not do much for helping you. She reads everything and gets off track and you can not find where she is and so, therefore, you are trying to find where she is in the text and miss a lot of what is being said. I have to stop the DVD and read it several times after she gets her explanation in.

    I don't know why Dwight Norris is not the instructor for their new cram course but I want him back!

    No one does the instructing better than Dwight!


    Not worth the money!!

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  • Cy
      Sep 18, 2013

    The real estate cram is no different than the broker cram. HUH??? Should be!!! Used to be a few years back!!! I brought this to their attention before the test because I thought they sent me the real estate license cram instead of the broker cram and they told me it was the same exact material!!! I did not pass my broker test because of the study material. I had 100% on their test from the book and got to Sacramento and none of the their test material even came close to what was on that actual test. It is ridiculous to follow because the most of National stuff contradicts the California stuff. In California, you have to be very precise in how they want that material delivered. You cannot expect state test result percentages to be very high with this new system. I for one am disappointed with Allied for cutting corners.

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  • Gb
      Feb 19, 2014

    Stay away from this School ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! don't waste your money. It can't be a coincidence to have so many complaints.

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  • Td
      Jun 26, 2014

    I had a positive experience with Allied School of Real Estate. Their Real Estate program offered flexibility and the materials were current, reliable and accurate. I compared the materials I received to a friend of mine who enrolled in a different school. I felt the value I received from Allied was money well spent. The Real Estate prep test were comprehensive, and offering both online modules and practice exams using the book.
    I passed the CA Real Estate Exam (which I am told is more difficult than any other state) in my first attempt! I was excited to start looking for a company and a mentor to begin my real estate career. I chose to specialize in commercial real estate - retail leasing. And have been gainfully employed the last two years. Just like anything in life, you get what you put in.

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  • Bo
      Oct 20, 2014


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  • Ca
      Jan 09, 2015

    Do not take Allied Schools 45h Real Estate Renewal Course.. You will be waiting for days to complete the course and to take your final exams for each course..Unless you are physically in front of your computer and clicking every 6minutes to refresh the browser the system shuts down the clock. It is extremely frustrating. When you are ready to take exam the clock appears in red. I would highly recommend for you to take PDF courses not to deal with Allied's every 6m click program. offers to take your finals in 4 days after you sign up. Also be aware Allied does not let you know when you sign up they be shutting down their system for maintenance. I only knew that I would not be able to access this on-line course 4 days after I signed up. So unethical!

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  • Ij
      Jan 16, 2015

    It is requested from the higher officials Management to look into the problems of

    Allied School (ZN Campus Rahmanpura) that

    1) There his no principal in the school.
    2) A 6 to 7 Gas Cylinder shops are present beside the School, which is very dangerous
    3) Security issue is not handled properly, has no security is present there, which is very dangerous in present conditions
    4) No interest is taken in the cleanness of the school, maintenance of school is not properly done

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  • Bl
      Feb 27, 2015

    I am thinking about enrolling in the Pharmacy Tech Program at Allied School. I have read all the reviews on the other courses but didn't hear anything about this Program. I went to there website and everything about it sounded good and I also received a phone call from a lady to tell me a little bit more on the school and the Program. But after reading all the things that was posted I just don't know if it will be a good idea for me to give them my money. I don't have money to waste.

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  • Je
      Sep 03, 2015

    Hi I am currently trying to study for my Texas real estate test does anyone have some good info on what to study I printed out all of the practice tests and was doing great but I maybe saw 3 of this questions on the actual test I failed by a hair :/ !! Does anyone have any helpful info??

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  • Ca
      Nov 09, 2015

    I enrolled in the Real Estate Sales Person course in 2012. I have taken the exam 3 times and still have no passed. The first time I took the exam 10/22/2013 I didn't study, I got a 50%, I just wanted to see what was on the test so I can know what to study for instead of reading a whole bunch of material that isn't even on the exam. So the 2nd time almost a year later, I took it I got a 64% 9/30/2014, that bummed me out because I used this schools cram exam workbook as well as my own notes, and the cram exam video, as well as the test prep that comes with it. My friend gave me her textbook, along with my own book I had from the school. Studied harder, longer, took the test again for the 3rd time 1/27/2015. I was ALMOST there, it took such a toll on me now it's 11/9/2015 and I haven't taken it again for the 4th time, but I am currently studying. I will say Allied is VERY out of date regarding content and materials. In March 2014 the entire test was revised and edited, they took out 2 or 3 categories, I noticed when I took the test the 2nd time it was different and NO math was on there, at all. I feel if I just went to Keller Williams School, I would of passes the 1st time. I am VERY good at school. I graduated high school a semester early with a 3.75, I am NO dummy by any means. So me NOT passing the 3 times I have taken the shows to me the Teachings just aren't that good. The support gets a 5 out of 10. They do respond to all my emails, and when I ask for a exam prep extension, they do so every single time without me having to pay for it. I don't think this is the best school, actually it's NOT the best school. They just supply you with the basics necessities, the very basics. Like I mean BASIC lol. For the price of this correspondence school I could of went to an actual school smh. I don't think it is a bad school because they do give you what is on the test, they just need to update it and be more hands on with their students like a regular school does. Your basically paying for the materials, and that's it. They send 3 text books ( Practice, Principals, Escrow), Flashcards with terms on them color coated so you know which ones are which, exam cram dvds(4) and review book, and the real estate dictionary. It's a nice package just out of date, no student help, no checking in on you, no asking how it's going or if you need help with anything extra...So I'm hoping and praying 2 hours study days everyday will help me pass! I'm sick of paying 60$ only to fail.

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  • An
      Dec 29, 2015

    Has anyone else had trouble passing the Medical Coding final exam? I took it twice and failed both times, there were 81 questions and 5 hours in which to complete the exam. It seemed excessive to me as far as having the time to look up all the codes and fill in the blanks. Let me know if anyone has had the same experience.

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  • Au
      Mar 23, 2016

    This is the worst school that I have ever seen in my life. The materials are very unhelpful. On top of this, they make you to study a lot with no results. Let's say if you don't pass by the second attempt the test for the first topic, they not giving you the opportunity to do again later on (after 24 hour as other schools do), you have to do all topics, finish, then call them and ask them to give you another chance to pass the first topic. This does not make any cense, you will forget the materials for the first topic, and you have to study again . The people are very uneducated, all they asking about the referrals, if you know somebody who wants to take classes with them. I will not recommend this course to anyone. My course was the RE 45 hour renewal classes. Thanks god I realized that I am the wrong school, do not take any classes with them.

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  • Ya
      May 19, 2019
    Allied Schools - I am complaining about strict teachers
    Allied school sahil campus samundri

    Just wanna ask that
    I read in class 10
    Very disappointed
    We are here to study
    We are not here to beaten by the teachers .we are not small kids.we can kindly advise them to control their hands please
    And our class condition is really terrible

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  • No
      May 27, 2019
    Allied Schools - Aoa sir no pricnciple in jia musa campus the seat of principle is vaccant .
    Jia musa campus

    The seat of principle is vaccant in jia musa campus because of this the managment is not good therefore school standered getting very poor plz do something for studied standered high.

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